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Thursday, November 21, 2013

Shopping and Socializing

What women do!
 I walk distances to get places.
I reconnected with my friend Chana today, and we sat at her table as I munched on her homemade granola and drank ginger tea.  We went for a short walk. Then I walked over to Fairfax to go to the 99 cent store.

Today I decided that a manicure was in order. I care about cleaning up my raggedy cuticles and filing my nails. I don't want polish. I'm always wary about the lotion they massage my hands with at a lot of salons.  I went to Marinello School of Beauty on Fairfax and Wilshire.   A young woman named Olivia gave me a manicure.  She has a bright spirit. 
She used OPI products. I looked at the ingredients in the hand lotion, and although I could read some ingredients, I wouldn't want all of them in my skin.  I am happy to have hands that look more presentable. 
I don't shop at the 99 cent store very often. On my list-baking soda, gloves for dishwashing, and q tips. I walked out with many more items, deciding that I'm in a baking mood. So much for carrying light items back. 
 On my way back I stoppped to visit my friend Ilanit.  Her daughter attends a homeschool, and today she was home. Ilanit and I sat at the table and we shared inspiring stories. She served me sushi rice with cucumber and avocado.

One of my highlights of my week is shopping at the La Cienega farmers market. It seems like I always  want to buy more than I have money-I wanted to buy flowers. I feel wealthy from my purchases.  Now to prepare food for Shabbos!


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