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Thursday, January 16, 2014


I love TuB'shvat. It is so beautiful and holy- a table with platters of fruit and candles. I wish we celebrated it more than one day. The teachings are so deep-talking and appreciating trees-soil-the source of our sustenance
Its 4 am and the sun is arising on the E coast. Time to get some rest. I rode home to empty streets at 2:45 am.

I went to an awesome seder at Adam and Ashira's holy home. Mamesh a Gevalt!!! I feel I got an infusion of spirituality to fuel and nourish my vision. The sun is rising on the E coast and its time for me to get some rest! 
I invited LA's 'King of Compost' Steven Wynbrandt to the seder and he was da bomb!  he brought so much to the table with his guitar, thoughtful words on soil and his microgreens from his garden. He makes some really good compost from manure and grows high quality food. In order for us to thrive, we need to be in an environment for us to grow.  At times I wonder why I live in LA,much to be grateful for-good friends, being able to go to the beach, yoga class-to connect to the breath for clarity, and Santa Monica farmers market. Yay!  want more opportunities to connect to the land. in the meantime, taking off my shoes and standing barefoot will suffice. 
I want to nurture the vision of sharing joy through writing, creating laughter workshops, an
d learning more about essential oils for mental balance. 

You are invited to share what vision you want to nurture and nourish. 
Many blessings for abundance


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