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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A passion for plastic

My attention goes out to plastic water bottles. on the street. on the trail. waiting to be picked up elevated and cashed in for a redemption. This morning as I left on my bike to the park I saw a man with a headlamp sitting on the sidewalk, resting. I said hello, and as I pedaled on then saw his cart. I like his energy. There's a lot of people rummaging through the trash I don't appreciate, one of them being a Persian man. See a future post on my prejudices on Persians...I prayed that I would see him on my return. He was pulling out a gallon water bottle in the dumpster next to my place. I reached into my pocket and gave him the mini water bottle I found on the street and told him I had more around the corner. A way to start the day feeling like I'm giving. He had a lot of glass bottles in his cart.


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