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Thursday, May 29, 2014


I came up to Isabella Freedman to help out in the kitchen and am going to be working here doing supervision work-called mashgiach comes from word hashgacha-supervised.  In order for food to be certified kosher it doesn't need to be blessed-unless bread. What makes it kosher is checking for bugs, no blood spots in the eggs and that hot things are put on surfaces that are designated for meat or dairy. Things were extra strict with the Bais Chana group. They observe Halav Yisrael-all milk must be supervised by a Jew. Eating yogurt with a OU certificate is not enough. When it comes to baked goods, things get strict as well. Regular pretzels, no.
There's something called Bishul Akum, I'm not going to explain it now. Anyways, a day in my life in the kitchen has been washing collard greens and checking for bugs, and then drying in a spinner. Lots of work
when its meal time, making sure that everything that gets put out is kosher, and right now I need to go lock up the dairy cabinet, since there's meat for dinner.

Lets enjoy our food  and eat it mindfully. Its so important to taste...savor the flavors...chew.


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