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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Being present

I just had a friend from LA call me. I heard traffic in the background and asked where she was. She said she was driving. I realized I didn't have her full attention, and kept the conversation short. I know its hard for me to hold a conversation on the phone, even more so when I'm out in public. I like phones for texting logistics, not about a long story. I was looking forward to using the conversation to set our intention for Shavout I spoke my truth and told her I'd feel more comfortable if we could speak when she wasn't driving. 
"Its on my lap." she assured me. 
I've been in NY where there are BIG signs about using your cellphone while driving

Single Moment, Single Activity
I like the phrase from Jewish Buddist teachings
Be Here Now Be Someplace Else Later, Is that so difficult?
when we drive, we drive
and when we talk, we talk
Lets give the gift of being fully present when we speak on the phone to friends and family.
I'm working on being more mindful of walking down the street with my phone.

May we receive the messages we need to to hear and learn with clarity


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