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Monday, June 2, 2014

A day in the life of a Mashgiach

I woke up at 5 and didn't need to be on duty until 10. I opened the kitchen earlier to get access to yogurt and put out cereal. I had a whole 5 hours to meditate, do yoga and write. I got a swim in the lake.
9 am are we working now?  where IS everyone. I'm going to eat some coffee yogurt. ITS GREAT having access to the kitchen
10:10 am cracking eggs one handedly
11:30 taking a break. the parve sink to wash kale is being used to wash dishes
11:55 eating lunch-its french toast. with a side of kraut....
12:15 sitting on the deck eating lunch
1 pm   time to put music on in the kitchen. lots of songs about love...and our favorite song is
Let It Go
2pm  gotta take a much needed nap
3pm washing kale. its time to recruit someone to help dry. this is a  2 person job
330 going to check facebook, what's happening
420 time to go back in the kitchen and move the the greens
5 we're all meeting in the sanctuary for a staff meeting
its with Reb Zalman to meet us and share
6 pm dinner of mac and cheese, tempeh curry-kinda spicy, green beans
7 putting kale away
745 jumping in lake to REJEWVENATE
8pm making a choc syrup coffee and half and half concoction
830  floor is clean, can start locking up
9 writing.....
11 its time for bed, right....


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