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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Feelin Abundant!

I had NO idea this morning when I sat on the rock and set my intention for the day that it would be SO much FUN!  Let the UniVerse surprise us! I got 'rescued' by Melanie in her van this morning by 930. Its been a day of summer bounty-blueberries and corn on the cob, napping in the hammock, reading, and scoring some great FREE stuff at the end of yard sales in Tivoli. We've packed the van with stuffed animals, glasswear, a sewing machine table, more stuffed toys-a plastic corn on the cob butter-super silly item what you call it. My scores include silver hoop earrings, a purse for every day of the week, stationery, a plastic chainsaw-going to do a photo shoot with a gown, bubbles, and a purple snap bracelet. I am LOVIN the kelly green shirt that was purchased and Ireland sweatshirt its thick and got pockets.  Its X-mas in July, cause its ONLY 129 shopping days left. who's counting

Edmond scored with a babystroller that he put a giraffe in

I shared some Laughter Yoga at an art gallery having an open mike. I wore my new straw hat that has a tissue paper sunflower on it. Great to get the crowd going.I placed a small  blue plastic VW bus that say gay bus and plastic lion on the sidewalk outside of the gallery next to a cigarette. my installation piece. 

YAAYY what an awesome day!
Ended the evening with ice cream. 



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