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Sunday, August 10, 2014

all in a days work

7 am  on the sand picking up plastic debris on the sand at low tide. a mylar balloon still with air that looks like a basketball, an orange water gun and an orange  I collect empty water bottles. As a sociolgist there is a piece of a black and white cookie, a wrapper for a pastry, part of an ice pop, and diaper.  I think about the gyres that are out in the ocean. My time on the beach is limited, I'm impatient to get to my next destination. Rehab in Borough Park. I'm returning a skirt to a woman who shared Chaya's room.
I find my way on the train-I get off a stop too soon, and wait again for it to take me to 55th. still a walk....
An honor to be by R. Yolles side
I went to a L'chaim With legendary people.


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