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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Being G-ds Microphone

A Jew is someone who is the microphone for G-ds voice. The real Jew is somebody who who has G-ds microphone in his heart to let the world hear the most, most beautiful echo of G-ds voice.   
Let is be clear to us that in spite of all the evil in the world that wants to disconnect the earth from heaven, our microphone is getting stronger by the minute.   There is an awakening in the world. People want more than to hear G-ds echo-they want to hear Gds voice.  The second day of Shavout we read the story of our holy mother Ruth who is a messenger from the whole world to Jerusalem.   She opened a bridge between the echo and the voice.   I would like to be there-you, me, and all our children-when the whole world will come to Jerusalem.  Then we shall hear G-d’s voice again. But then it will be more than just hearing G-d’s voice.  We will see G-d’s voice. 
When you love somebody the most, when you see them,you hear them ,when you 
hear them you see them.
 Much love, R. Shlomo Carlebach z'tl  Shavout 1992


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