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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I love ALL things plastic and with a smiley face

I think I'm addicted to the 99 cent store. I'm on the search for smiley face stickers. My source is on  14th st in Boro Park. they sell them by the roll, they are metallic and challenging to peel off and I haven't found them anywhere else. I'm searching.  These stores run by Asians and Pakistanis and women named Princess with rings in her nose. Its time for me to share my top ten favorite discount stores. Where I can find Tulsi tea and Meyers dish detergent and a ball with a smiley face and big bubble wands. I want it all, I want bubble sticks with smiley faces-on the search for that. In the meantime, I acccumulate a bamboo mat and a small mason jar, and a big flower pinwheel for my simcha stand. Oh yes, and the battery powered spray bottle and fan
I buy necessities like sheets that are microfiber-next time I'm investing in Egyptian cotton, and hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol and epsom salt.
On Avenue J there is a great store. I found LED lights for the bike and got ones for the spokes and front and back and sold them to a friend who started biking recently.
and to quote U2 For I still haven't found What I'm looking for....


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