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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Fire of Moshiach

May Every Breathing Being
Be worthy to experience
Great Indescribable Miracles
In These Chaotic and Confusing Times.
May we see a True End to Ugly Conflict and War
and the Beginning of Eternal Unity and Peace.

May Every Single Being
Transcend Present Limited Constricted Reality,
and Merit the Revelation of All Hidden Mysteries :
- The All Knowing of All Secrets
The Fire of All Living
Burning Bright In The Beyond.
Propagating the Earths, Suns and Stars
Of the All Glorious Physical In Uni-Verse.
May We All Merit being Led through those Gates
that lead to the Dawn of a New Era
Governed by the Pri-Moridal Light
Of the Ancient of Days.
Where All Will Cease to Not Know.
And Knowing The Unknown
Will forever Be One's Ecstatic Companion.
Much Love
and Peace
and Victory
to All.

Sha-Rone   Kushnir


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