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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Going out in the trenches

6:34 AM waiting in Kingston subway station with my green bike. wearing striped pants, a fitted striped dress over, hoodie and rainbow scarf. and pink glitter. Yes, I'm a freak. I pass a Lubavich lady, she's sitting on the bench. I pause for a moment, to engage. I wait away from the bench. She approaches. Uh oh, no I'm good I got candles-I considered bringing some to give. She hands me a L'chaim pamphlet (good to have) a brochure on Tishrei-can share that and doesn't let me go without candles, I can pass on to someone. Ok, I'm a shlucha dressed in camo headed to Daybreaker-its a DJ nightclub without the alchohol and creating community.  the latter part needs some fine tuning. Feelng the LOVE? Yes!  In line there was a young couple kippah and she had a beret. Sweet. 
I cultivated the love with a spray bottle-much appreciated on the dance floor.
Met hot Jewish guy-could we ask for more?
I put up my sign Rock the WOrld With LOVE and had a conversation with Jessica about mindfulness and invited her to shabbat dinner. I'm inviting everyOnNE. Almost. Went to Chelsea Piers sportsclub met man going through messy divorce. Come. eat. celebrate. I will shower you with blessings.
May we be blessed in all our wanderings to uplift and elevate!


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