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Monday, August 17, 2015

Monday manifestation

Its Monday
and I don't have a Job. I do have WORK. like exploring doing a women's theatre piece directed by a woman from Argentina mother of 6-who continues having babies when you know by the first your partner is messed up.   Oyy the 'Religious' world is so F-ed up Grateful not to have children. To go to Shahki NAAM class in 45 minutes or head back to Brooklyn, get a haircut and then go to library for writing group. Its a writing day. I went with my roommate to Manhattan this morning. she had a rental car to return. our conversation goes like this,
" I really think 84 year old Tofutti man is for you, no I'm serious he wants young and you're qualified, he's very energetic. You'll have a couple of years together in New Jersey.
I'm thinking of seducing, E- he seems seducable.
"Oh, I'm happy to help you with that one."

 Where are our husbands going to come from?

"Polygamy is the answer. " I declare
 Want to go to Country Two step with me? Funny I just saw a flier for Country Two step for gays and lesbians.  


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