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Friday, August 14, 2015

Good EREV SHAbbeS!

Elul is in the air (sung to the tune Love is in the Air from Strictly Ballroom)

I've got energy so I woke up and swept the floor and collected those floor roaches (the piles of hair and dust that collect) its purging day, letting go of all those piles of papers I collect. I can let go, I can make room for something greater than me. Its ACTION time, like I have 2 weeks to renew my CA drivers license   my dear roomate Ilana is showing me what she is going to wear to the lesbian wedding she's going to-its called for Cocktail attire-that means bling bling, right? She asks me what comes before the the line in psalm I start singing.
Shabbes, shabbes, I yearn for shabbbes. I rode my bike out to Park Slope/Gowanus for Chulent last night. Monique Mizrachi known as Honeybird performed. She's absoulutely adorable in a summer dress with stars and bellbottom jeans and her pale skin, blue eyes, and bushy short dark hair Love her spirit. Ezzy provided the precussion with hand drumming on the floor. I remember a few characters from when I went last year in Crown Heights. Chaim with the peyos-we saw each other at the Kingston station this week, I remember Ezzy and his songwriting. I spoke with Pini, a shiny faced father of 3 with a vape pen or whatever you call it. We spoke about the daily grind and making a living, he appreciated my positive spirit.

yes, they serve Cholent-too much pepper, chips, popcorn, iced tea, pesto and bread, and things that look unidentifable like fish and chicken.  The energy shifts with the male female ratio and the energy each neshama brings. When I arrive there are a few men, mostly middle aged, sitting and singing. the tunes carry, they uplift my soul. I sit and talk with the other Pinny, he is tall, has two long locks that are not peyos hanging by his side, I stand close to him, there is something endearing about this man who easily would fit in Berkeley. he is tall, he slouches, in his second year of law. he grew up in Ramot. he is a translator. I leave with Sara who also lives in Crown Heights. Sara just learned to ride a bicycle and we are going to go on a ride.  She is supporting herself as a dog walker-she tells me she has to take a pic when the dog poops and send to owner!  She does street art and healing from her upbringing as Natura Karta.


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