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Monday, January 14, 2008

growth, renewal

Sunshine! clear skies. yay. went across the bay to Marin to sub at hebrew school. the Rabbi leading tefilla did not do it for me. It was easy since they had a Green Day.Stories, dance, and an engaging scavenger hunt.I'm going to make sure that they are not saying borei pri hagafen over Capri sun lemonade drink or oj. Then to work where everything is rearranged with the new spring shipment. Yes, what is our holy princess working in retail? Yes, she would like to be the in store model. Its fun, get to see women I know. A customer who was in a hurry was rude to me and had no patience for my lack of proficiency on the register. I'm not taking it personally.
I saved the day stopping off at the Beit Midrash-I wasn't even there for kiddush-and the place was a sty-ants on the floor. I'm really ready to teach a class on cleaning B'simcha-its a segula for parnassa! shalom bayit, and meeting your zivug. I think I win the Aishet Chayil award for the week.

Now, to respond to the comment on fermented foods. Obviously you're not from planet Berkeley that when I hear fermented I'm thinking pickles, kimchi, and kombucha. You're thinking beer. No, no, its time to take care of the digestion.
off to bed, throwing the liver off balance. too much creativity to channel to sleep, but, got to get a little unconscious.


Blogger bozster613 said...

Is not Napa Valley where the real borei pri hagafen products are grown (and not Capri sun lemonade drink or oj!), located somehwere at the northern apex of a triangle which has your Marin and Berkeley as its two southern base-corners??

Isn't Tu B'Shvat next week on Tue 1/22/08, when one eats various grown foodstuffs such as
1. Wheat
2. Barley
3. Grapes
4. Figs
5. Pomegranates
6. Olives
7. Dates

From some of the fruits in this list, there are also
- fig wines/melomels
- pomegranate wines
- date wines
.....besides your renown Napa valley grape wines.....yes????

Someone was not part of being present at this "Beit Midrash" for kiddush (adamamish on a Sunday!!??)
However if that someone would have been at this Beit Midrash at kiddush, would not a glass of high-quality wine provide some demonstratable benefits for the digestion and the liver, even perhaps better than pickles, kimchi, and kombucha?????
(such benefits besides the renown creativity and inspiration w/o inebriation, that is)

Could all this be true?

January 14, 2008 at 7:37 AM  
Blogger bozster613 said...

cleaning B'simcha-its a segula for parnassa! shalom bayit, and meeting your zivug.
One has to at least have "some successful" dates after first meeting your zivug before one is adamamish the true Aishet Chayil, yes??

One the note of sweet dates, two correct references to date-wine are
Requested Recipe: DATE WINE
Roxanne's Wine Recipes: Date Wine

Have adamama and/or her friends ever made any of these eytzim/adamot-fermented products ?? (a L-O-N-G and exhaustive list here!!!)

Almond Wine
Apple Cider
Apple Jack
Apple Wine
Apricot Wine
Banana Wine
Birch Wine
Blueberry Wine
Blueberry Port
Blackberry Wine
Nothing-But-Blackberry Wine
Brussel Sprout Wine
Carrot Wine
Cherry Wine
Choke Cherry Wine
Clover Wine
Concord Grape Wine
Crabapple Wine
Cucumber Wine
Cranberry Wine
Dandelion Wine
Elderberry Wine
Fireweed Wine
Fruit Brandy
Garlic Wine
Ginger Wine
Honeysuckle Wine
Jerusalem Artichoke Wine
Kiwi Wine
Mint Wine
Melon Wine
Mulberry Wine
Nettle Wine
Onion Wine
Parsnip Wine
Peach Wine
Pea Pod Wine
Pear Wine
Pineapple Wine
Plum Wine
Prickly Pear Wine
Pumpkin Wine
Raspberry Wine
Rhubarb Wine
Rowanberry (Mt. Ash) Wine
Strawberry Wine
Sweet Potato Wine
Tomato Wine
Watermelon Wine
Zucchini Wine



January 14, 2008 at 9:57 PM  

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