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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Slowing down on Sunday

I'm enjoying slowing down my pace here in Eugene. It rained this morning. I was up early and went out into the garden before it started raining.
There's been a stream of friends and family visiting since 10 this morning. I have lots of bodies to practice Breema on!
I think Bear, Tal's friend who is13 and has blonde hair to his shoulders is my biggest fan. The boys are pretty psyched to have someone to give them 'free' massages and make smoothies. There's lots of ripe bananas and cut up a mango. I made a green drink this morning with cucumber, parsley and greens. Its detox time. I reconnected with DeTox tea, and its very satisfying.

I led laughter in the living room with the relatives visiting from Maryland. Eli is next in line to have a Bar Mitzvah. He wears glasses with a distinct black frame-they are used for sports and he's wearing them for the statement. He has a talent for braiding hair. He braided Eva's hair into a braid that goes to the side. I asked him to braid mine and I have two on each side. I have yet to look in the mirror

Its interesting to connect with the teenagers. I tend to be a little aloof and prefer to be behind the scenes in the kitchen. To listen what they talk about. Eva is the oldest, she is 21. I met her in Israel, and a memory of her being 5 and looking a little sullen. She has big cheeks that you want to pinch.  She is in school for social work. Her brother Ezra is ? 18?  He's tall. Rafi is 14 and has a sweet nature as well as his brother Tal, who is like a huggy bear.

I am sleeping in the living room on a new futon. I have lizards for my roomates. They are in a terrarium with a red light on top.  

I am enjoying being in a well stocked kitchen, and made myself at home last night soaking green split peas.

Most of the guests and the kids have left. The house is quiet, the washing machine is going. I am off to explore Eugene. There is a festival going on with bands and exhibits. Go check out the local color.


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