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Monday, November 25, 2013

Serving others Serves Me

YESSSS...If I am not for MySelf, for Whom
My acts of Service today included visiting the assisted Living I used to work at. Good to connect with Linda, the exuberant, expressive activities director who is a real Jewish Mama. She REALLY wants her divorced son to reamarry. Everything in the right time. Saw Margaret who is in her 90's and her son Marshall. They care about me a lot.
This afternoon I decluttered a room that is being used as an office. The woman's husband is a natropath,  a bit of a absentminded scientist. Someone who has a method to his madness in all of the clutter. I was able to clear out boxes, paper and return it to a state of somewhat chaos.
Rebbetzin Geltwoman needs to come to the rescue with her situation.


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