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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Goldie is Generous!

 its just SOOOO fun to shop with Goldie. Most thing things look great and there's the neccessary and EXTRA,  day glo orange purse is only a $ and its half off, right? I got a beautiful dress I could wear to a wedding for $5. Goldie got all glitzed out with a skirt that was pricey being 1/2 off, may it bring blessing, a modest polyester shirt that has shoulderpads with gold on it, and silk pants. Love the look. looking for more bling...
I lost my clothes in the store. while trying things on outside of the dressing room, I hung up my skirt, shirt and cardigan on a rack on the wall. later after moving around the store, my clothes were missing....nothing too attached. fond memories of the blue shirt. moving on....walked out wearing an green Indian dress on the $ rack and white pants that are a little small. I had a lot of fun there. 
and then the beauty supply store across the street. fugget about it!  had to restrain myself from purchasing a  gold sequin beret going back...soon


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