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Monday, August 11, 2014

Rockin out with Rebbetzin G!

You know you live in another dimension when…
 A woman wearing a white skirt comes up to you on Kingston saying,”Today is TuB’Av, the wedding between Israel and Moshiach. And may you find your Zivug too.”
Yes Amen to that.
Sarit is wearing all white, stationed in 770, awaiting the arrival of Moshiach Tzidkenu. (our Righteous Messiah true tranlation anointed)
And some people are the same, like seeing Eliezer with the dreadlocks, the Israeli on the street, telling me he needs a place to live, that he bought potatoes and a guy cooks them for him, he shows me his hands, one of his fingers is frozen.

I go to Boro Park, I get into a conversation with Mordechai who brings his mother Bernice to sit on the couch and she rests her head on him. Precious.  He epxlains 1. Most elderly people miss their spouse,
2. the older they get, the more childlike they become. A couch provides a place to sit side to side
Mordechai is a kindred spirit, he worked with puppets, the muppets, entertainment and has a recombent tandem bike

One Mitzvah leads to another...I am sitting outside with Rabbi Yolles sitting in his chair and his daughter Chana nearby. She's fretting and worried.   An Israeli woman with dyed blonde hair and gray roots asks if I speak hebrew. She asks my age. I tell her to guess. she gets it. shidduch?
She's got someone in mind, he volunteers here. She's made over 20 successful shidduchim. Sure, why not?

with the energy of Tu’B’ Av, I danced stresses away at a wedding-dressed in green sneakers and a wig-I’ve got my shtick all ready. I went with Daniella shining like a diamond and Chaya looking good.  Chaya did not go inside. The music is TOO LOUD.  I got to dance with Sylvia. I LOOOOVE Slyvia. She’s a down to earth Frenchie She’s got more vitality than these stick straight 20 somethings.

I met Etty Antian, wearing one of the most feminine dresses, looking like an Indian princess. She says I MUST go to Burning Man.  Black Rock, here comes Rebbetzin G!


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