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Monday, August 18, 2014


cool morning air,  strong healthy body, opportunities to take naps

I m channeling a lot of creativity-want to paint, organize writing. I maygive up on that, however with a little focus and refinement, I'm so close. going to sleep in the wee hours of the morning are a killer
I'm giving Breema sessions to women, and it feels GREAT to get paid. Ca$h flow. Its definitely mutually supportive. this evening went to the Flatubush Coop, which can be expensive, especially when it comes to produce. I was shopping with a hungry stomach, so bought a few things. I'm grateful to have mung beans, kasha, and quinoa in bulk. I went searching for hair henna, I wanted a type that comes in a cream form from Brasil.  I went to another health food store across the street. They had the brand, but not my color. I settled on going into a Pakistani//Bangladesh store and getting a box from behind the counter. Curious how its going to turn out. Its kinda like having a mud mask on my head.

going to the food coop, I'm inspired to teach a healthy snack class. Nori seaweed, soaked almonds, chia seed pudding

Quote from yogi tea bag:
Love without trust is a river without water.


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