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Thursday, May 28, 2015


Its humid out. sticky. melting. staying in the apartment
I surrender
not going to think too much or make big decisions
need some earth connection
challenge of being in a city

I don't have to sort through another person's clutter

working with energy, letting it flow
 everything attraction or contraction

getting to still point
NY-I want to embrace all of the aliveness tasting Tiger nut horchata in Whole Foods,
DF mavens vegan ice cream in the village.

clearing the quantum field clearing the subtle body
I rode in a taxi with a super cool female driver named Lupe who lives in Crown Heights Tues night.
Tuesday I lugged the weight of my duffle bag around.

don't want to avoid what is uncomfortable
dropping at still point
scanning the body
our destiny

the concert on the subway-steel drums, violin, beats...

certain moment from place of neutrality and embrace

yesterday at Union Square I got propositioned by Cameron for a haircut and scalp massage and highlights for $70. He really wanted the comission so I got it down to $35


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