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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

New York Minute

It was really fun on the set of whats this film again? Josh Weinberg not essentialwrote and directing--shot in Boro Park. Wow I transformed from a defiant jeans wearing woman riding a bicycling to a chassidishe lady in modest skirt, stockings, and wig. I like the look!  The clothes makes the woman. My character-Horrified woman. I can do that. I get into character riding my bike in the streets of NY. plenty of things horrify me.
My line was to say "Sheigitz!  Vus dus tist di? Crazy! what are you doing?  I was coached by yiddish speaker LA Rosenzweig. I found out he's from LA. is that why I'm calling him that?  No his name is Lazer A?. Those peyos, there is something about the peyos. grrrr!

in the filming. I was so surprised by getting bumped into my beret fell off and I didn't have a chance to say anything.  I would love to see the shot of me laughing . It was funny and a surprise.
its a lot of patience. Got in costume, then we loaded up in a van and drove from 11tha nd 50th to 14th and 47th.  Melanie and I waited in the warm van and I nodded off and took a brief shluff (nap)
went to the corner, people are waiting to cross, they are curious, one man is in a van, and he's facing me. Don't you need to go to mincha?  Fortunately my shlepping around paper comes in handy, I help it up.  Melanie, and the two teenage Production assistants we hiked back the 7 long blocks in the heat back to the apartment that is the office and ate some nosh.  I gotta improve on my dinner habits.


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