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Saturday, August 15, 2015

Oreos for dinner

I just came back from a rooftop party in Prospect Heights. Beer, oreos, chips. I think I've eaten brownies and oreos the past two nights. First of all, is there a paid job for me to speak with young men AND women, I'm just saying its predominantly men cause that 's who I gravitate to...about being Jewish. I understand, being Jewish is complex. I like being a Jewess, and see my reality through those lenses. The party was a birthday party for Mike, who shared the d'var Torah at the service last night.   I got a few compliments that people love my ruach (spirit) YEAH!  now that is a  serious compliment.
It was a liberating shabbat, started with shabbat services on the grass at Mt. Prospect Park. We had a veggie/vegan/hechshered potluck in the dark-eating with complete faith. the Brownie bites, and oreos were easy to locate. Ate some blueberry mush. Met lots of cool Jews, like Sariyah Idan who invited me to come to her show at the Living Room in Williamsburg.

Today was utter liberation from what my mind thinks I SHOULD do-go to shul I took my bike to Manhattan and biked on City Streets-7 miles blocked to traffic. I went to a yoga class at Ishta taught by Sarah Finger. The class was free and an introduction to the teachers training, which I am intrigued to do.  Hmmmm. I went back to Brooklyn, and comforted to find Channi by a tree, dressed all in white with white tichel and coloful fruit and vegetables. I got nourishment with juicy grapes, blackberries, blueberries.  Mango slices. Lychees. Juicy fruits. Her daughter Noa asked to have my hat, ride my bicycle. We did some flying on the grass. Focus showed up with a guitar. Great to meet fellow kindred spirit on this journey.   LOVE.


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