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Monday, August 26, 2013

Deadheading, rather than a Deadhead

I am Mellowing out on Monday
I've spent the whole day in this well lived in house.
As much as I gravitate towards hippies, I appreciate a clean house. I brought some Domestic Godess energy into dusting the neglected corners of the living room.

Being on vacation for me is enjoying the breeze, an opportunity to garden; pruning the over grown rosebushes.

I've walked to the yard waste bin about 20 times today to contribute leaves, pieces of hair, a large tomato, a quarter of a watermelon that looked too large for the worms feasting on the food scraps.

Its good to slow down. I turned my phone off after the alarm went off at 7:15 and allowed myself to sleep in until 9.  The morning is the best part of the day. I'm sharing a bathroom with 3 boys and Ma Ducks. I went in to shower first. I'm adjusting to teenage boys walking through the living room in towels.
Being on vacation for me is about connecting to the earth, so I pruned the rosebushes, cleaning up the old growth. I am staying with a Dead head, who plays Grateful Dead on her computer and I-pod. I turn it off when I'm in the house by myself.

  My bedroom is the living room, sleeping on a new futon. Its covered with a print with elephants and today I notice a hole in the fabric. Rebbetzin Geltwoman wants to replace that.  The television is covered with a scarf that that has a yingang  print on it. The floor is hardwood and there is a rug that I give Breema treatments on.

The games on the bookshelf are covered with dust-Trivial Pursuit is ancient.  Apples to Apples and Truth or Crap are on the top shelf.  I got busy this afternoon with the vacuum, wet cloth, wiping
The dishes are Fiestaware, the colored ceramic feels homey.The kitchen floor is checkerboard. There is an abundance of food-tortillas, pita bread, rice cakes, pretzel chips, cream cheese-just tasted some excellent local smoked salmon, pears, melon, bananas....Ahava is preparing a pot of dal.   Its Raffi's favorite, however he's going to be visiting a friend. Eva came in and commented how good it smells.
There is a big bag of greens from a farm in the fridge. I prefer to drink them, blending them in the Vitamix.

I've walked to the yard waste bin about 20 times today. I find the colors of the bins counterintuitive. The yard waste is gray, and the recycling is green. 'm used to green for green waste, black for trash and blue for recycle
Its taking me awhile to adjust to this. I notice the yard waste has  round holes with vents at the bottom for aeration.

Its getting overcast, I'm appreciating the breeze. Need to find some grass to stand barefoot on. !
Its good to give myself permission about being in the moment.  My mind jumps to the future of what needs to happen.
 Called my friend who has a farm S. of Portland and want to coordinate visiting it. He bikes there.  Need to manifest a bike!


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