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Monday, August 26, 2013


Nourishment comes in many forms, for me I can think of  well spiced bowl of Dal I ate tonight. Sometimes we can eat healthy food, and its healthful effects can be diminished by the conversation we have or what we expose ourselves to. While eating from a wooden bowl,  we watched an episode
Princesses; a reality show about Jewish American Princesses in Great Neck. Pretty Sick if thats how women are.  One episode was enough to take my appetite away. one line was 'I'd rather wear flats or go barefoot instead of having to go out with the guy again.'
As for me, I enjoy my toe shoes or walking barefoot on the grass

Adding to that was eating a piece of leftover cake. I don't want sugar right now. thats my true confession for those who think I'm so healthy. I don't particularly crave it. I feel satisfied drinking DeTox tea. Really enjoying the flavor of the dandelion and Schizandra berries.

its really great to be in a kitchen that is well stocked with sea salt, balsamic vinegar, oil, coconut oil, seaweed, seeds, Maca powder...

We are soaking and sprouting. Soaking seeds and almonds for breakfast, I am growing fenugreek sprouts

There is an abundance of food in the fridge-leftover hummus, cream cheese, a HUGE bag of salad greens from a farm, as well as plastic boxes of Earthbound Farm lettuce-I feel that doesn't have a lot of life force. We want to eat food that is high vibe.

We went to Market Choice for me to buy buckwheat, I got frozen peas, nut and almond cracker.

We eat on Fiestaware or paper plates. I have claimed a wooden bowl to eat from.  Doing dishes is a constant thing.
May we all be nourished physically and emotionally.


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