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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Changing my beliefs

I'm noticing my thoughts and frustration and anger are coming up. I'm exploring certain beliefs that don't serving me.   I'm aware of the choices I make to hold myself back,to play it safe, and thats not really serving anyone.  Doing little jobs for $10 an hour? Come on...  I want to cultivate gratitude, know that its all good,.  I'm grateful to have some income at the moment, and its going to multiply g Stomach hurting? No one but me to blame for the junk I'm ingesting...Do I have the courage to change

I found these words transcribed by Jenny Hanny Gross from Shaul Youdkevitich
I'm picky about who I want to be around, and have little patience for people who complain and don't take action.
Life is short, create the life that you want, the one that is for Living. 

If your belief system doesn’t help you to live a better life then get
rid of it. So you grow and change and reexamine your belief systems
until you find one that’s profitable. How is it profitable? If you’re
happy. How do you know – it’s a little secret – you cannot give what
you don’t have which means, the moment you're happy, you can’t stop
sharing it with others,, when youre miserable you can’t stop sharing
it either. So check yourself. What do you share with those around?


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