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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

farmers market fun

My hands are cold! I'm sitting outside the ferry building in SF. There's a farmers market here on Tues. Food is not cheap. I'm enjoying connecting with the people who bring the food to the city. Bought dried pluots and rainer cherries I met a colorfully dressed Israeli woman who is living in San Jose Tasted chocolate covered almond paste-off the hook. The fog is starting to burn off here. I'm going to head back to the E. bay and cruise the other market.


Blogger bozster613 said...

Nice, long blogment(=blog comment) here.

My hands are cold!
So how about scoring a shot of pluot-brandy to warm up the peripherals, whatever pluots are (perot ha'adamama?)

First, in a worldly scheme of things, residence is in the U.S. of A.
In a State of Humor and Ridiculous Confusion over a certain U.S. of A. Senator's '08 bid to be President.
Next, pickles certainly can be appropriately pHassidic from that Williamsburg or Monroe hometz yayin in its pickling juice!
Perhaps some kitniyot shrirut b'dvash or agvaniyot metukot in the salad would possibly pushup the low pH and sourness of other pickled perot ha'adamama perceptually perfecting it??
On adamama's acidut ;-), a series of less pasHut halachic questions based upon
"I'm going to make sure that they are not saying borei pri hagafen over Capri sun lemonade drink or oj." :
What bracha does one say on a non-grape fermented beverage which also contains...
- <10 percent or any barely measurable v/v(=by liquid volume) or even barely tastable grape wine??
- 49 percent or the maximum minority v/v grape wine??
- 51 percent or the bare minimal majority v/v grape wine??
- 67 percent or 2/3 v/v grape wine??
- 75 to 80++ percent v/v grape wine??
In the last 75 to 80++ percent v/v case, would a a best guess be that one should say borei pri hagafen before drinking this?
Is borei pri hagafen still called for even if the <25 percent v/v non-grape-fermented portion of the total is much stronger-tasting (or has much more alcohol in it) than the grape-wine portion??
In any case, one certainly says the bracha of shehakol on Capri sun lemonade drink, oj and fermented beverages which are completely free of any grape products.
One certainly says the bracha of borei pri hagafen on 100 percent grape wine.
Now, some actual
Top-to-bottom 'good stuff' websites
following through w/ the previous day's blogment:

The Jack Keller 'Winemaking Homepage',

Alst/RE Digestion, Liver Health, and Overall Health, Jack Keller's 'The Potential Health Benefits of Red Wine Consumption',

'Roxanne's Wine Cellar' top-level site,

'Roxeanne's Wine Recipes' from whence came all the fermented beverages explicitly listed in the previous blogment,

And finally more listed wines using adamama's natural element(s), from Jack Keller's 'WINEMAKING: Making Wines from Wild Plants',

Allegheny Shadbush Wine
Agarita Wine
Aronia Berry Wine
Autumn Olive Wine
Barberry Wine
Bilberry Wines
Black Raspberry Wine
Black Cherry Wine
Chickweed Wine
Chicory Wine
Chokecherry Wine
Cloudberry Wine
Damson Wine
Dandelion Wine
Downy Serviceberry Wine
Elderberry Wines
Gorse Wine
Greengage Wine
Hackberry Wine
Highbush Cranberry Wine
Huckleberry Wine
Huisache Flower Wine
Madrone Berry Wines
Mayhaw Wine
Mesquite Bean Wine
Mountain Ash Wine
Nettles Wines
Pawpaw Wine
Persimmon Wine
Plum Wines
Prickly Pear Cactus Wine
Red Clover Wines
Red Raspberry Wine
Salal Berry Wines
Sand Burr Wine
Saskatoon Serviceberry Wine
Sloe Wine
Staghorn Sumac Wine
Thimbleberry Wine

Could EliB and others be perhaps Inspired to know what some of these less obvious perot ha'adamama here really are, besides your posted pluots??
e.g., Allegheny Shadbush, Agarita, Chickweed, Damson, Gorse, Greengage, Huisache Flower, Mayhaw, Mesquite Bean, Mountain Ash, Pawpaw, Sand Bur, Staghorn Sumac ???????????????

(NOT so obvious, so who else to ask?? :-)

January 15, 2008 at 3:40 PM  

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