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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Breathe and appreciate your blessings

Pizza belly. no one but me to blame on that. Comfort food when babysitting.
 its getting better ALL the time. breathe and focus that holy Alona light
Optimizing my life for energy and efficiency. On Tuesday, I was crossing La Cienega on Pico and saw Chana, a woman who is paralyzed from the neck down. She has a big smile and likes to tell dirty jokes. It was great to reconnect with her on the busy street. 2 buses passed by, and I was thinking of putting my bike on a bus to get across town faster. Mas rapido. She invited me to join her doing comedy at YMCA on Feb 11th.  She asked why I didn't come to the senior center in Santa Monica any more.     I got on the next bus with her and didn't have to pay-yay! and she offered me cookies she bought at the kosher bakery. She made sure to let me know that they are kosher.  I was feeling generous and offered to the Persian lady who sat next to me.
Earlier that day, I was craving pizza.  I went to lead laughter yoga for the staff at Country Villa. They had a training on Death and dying-laughter is a good break for that.  It was great to do with an ethnically diverse group. They were serving kosher pizza to the residents.  all is well in my world. 


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