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Friday, January 31, 2014


I am looking forward to Shabbos kodesh. Burning the candle at both ends this week.  I know all of you are hanging on by your bootstraps to know how the clutter campaign is going. Ah, I shoved a lot of it in the garage. I did start sorting out some of the paper debris from my trip to Oregon. I'm slowly letting go of clothes and ready to make room for the new. Let it go, let it go
I'm looking forward to slowing down, get quiet and sing!  It amazes me each time I move into a relatively empty space how quickly I fill up with my STUFF!-yoga mat, some books, drawing pad.  Ahhhh, we do live in the physical world. I would like to channel some excess energy kneading and baking challah.  I got  some essential oils to ground me out a bit. Eating helps. Om SHanti Shanti OMMM! Is everyone getting their daily doSe of laughter?

Mikey Pauker posted this:
"You know, my beautiful friends, you know what our young people need the most? They need somebody to believe in them. We need new schools. Not where the teacher knows how to teach, but where the teacher believes in the student. If you treat your children simply like humans, they might turn out subhuman. If we want our children to be human, we need to treat them like angels."-Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach

On this Shabbos may you find deep rooted joy. A joy that is rooted in your ability of living life powerfully. A joy that is connected in your heart. Share your love, and your full self expression with your children. If we want a better world for them to live in, we must act NOW and be our fully expressed and thankful selves. The children will soak up every drop of your happiness. It's our responsibility to generate inspiration for the world to come. Good Shabbos!!!!!!


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