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Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Pico Shul

I've been a little allergic to going to shul lately. Nothing really resonates. some places the ladies dress  provocatively, though I do enjoy the Rabbi speaking, and it gets too chatty, another place I go I get my share of hugs from the women; however the energy can feel unfocused, and another place I do enjoy the intention, however some of the ladies seem like sourpusses. Come on, just a smile.
I go to shul to connect-through prayer and to be in a community of like minded people.
Today I went to the Pico shul. Run by Rabbi Yonah Bookstein who runs Jewlicious, its got a lot going for it on my list. I was wary of going before that I didn't want to go to a mostly singles 'scene'. Rabbi Yonah and his wife Rachel fill a unique niche of channeling creativity and edgy Judiasm.
Here's my list:
There were homemade cookies next to the tea and coffee coming in
Fresh flowers in mason jars on the tables.
I noticed small wastebaskets near the tables for tissues
Rabbi Yonah asked if I would carry the Torah on the women's side-that was a big plus
The kiddush lunch had lots of healthy food-quinoa, gluten free options. Lets hear it for healthy shabbos food!
They asked who was there for the 1st time.  Nice to have people feel welcome.


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