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Thursday, January 24, 2008

nourishing the nurturer

I got some clarity why I start eating foods I usually wouldn't want to eat when babysitting.Honey nut cheerios and milk is a comforting thing I'm at my friend's house and its well stocked with all kinds of kosher goodies, like Seitan Teriyaki strip, I just had a Lime Mesquite primal stip, its satisfying my primal cravings. I am always curious to know what people eat-or at least fill their cupboards with. In the processed packaged department, there's LARA bars, fruit and nut bars. I am learning more about refigerator efficiency-how to stock one and use whats in it. There are hoarders-those who collect small bits of leftovers with the idea that one day its going to be used-thats me. I am getting my ways reformed with the people I live with. If its in the fridge, move it or lose it.

I'm digging listening to the music, playing Kabbalah Dream Orchestra, which my friend Dan Fries worked on. Yeah.

Its Farmers market day, but its been raining on and off. Silly-or very optomistic me left the house without any raingear.


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