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Thursday, January 24, 2008


How come no one hitchikes anymore? Sometimes my long legs don't get me to where I need to go fast enough,so I've been standing at bus stops, sticking my thumb out in the cold weather. The manager at work laughs at the image of me in the hills waiting for a ride. I've had a few angels take compassion on me, and hopefully I'm helping them by helping me. Valerie, the woman who picked me up in her red rental car this morning, turned around to come pick me up. bless her soul. We had a great conversation, sharing the Breema principles with her, and I got to class a few moments late. It takes a little holy chutzpah to go over and ask people who are getting in their cars or already in them-doesn't always work as well-for a ride in the direction they are going in. Most people are self absorbed-speaking on the phone, driving way too fast to notice. The greatest thing you can do is someone a favor.


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