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Saturday, January 19, 2008

rockin' shabbos

Its Saturday night and we're getting ready to go to a hat party in SF. Shabbat is truly a vitamin for the soul-great food eating food that Alexis made-homemade pitta, babaganoj, fennel salad, salmon with olives, hamuod-a vegetable sauce. My whole wheat challah turned out dense. Great to have dinner again with Dan who recently came back from Israel, and Linda who was there recently. We walked to Chochhat HaLev-singing onthe sidewalk, and then blissed out singing from my soul. Services are too long. I have had enough about discussing boys-enough already. Woke up early, went to self breema class, went to Chabad for Torah reading, a potluck up the street to Daniel Lev's house and joined other Maggids. Great to share Torahs, I am in my power as a priestess and a sourceress-connected to the source A good discussion with Avram Davis about sexuality and lack of commitment in the community.-to have learning on that. Went to Willard park with a frisbee, joined Allie from NZ, Greg, and Anuk from India. We joined forces with another group of people and got a game going. afterwards we joined a music jam on the grass. I'm off to dance.


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