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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Challenging Customer, its not personal

I'm in the business of sharing laughter. Today in Friendly Park, I met one of my toughest customers.  After taking a brief nap on the grass-I was inspired by seeing a woman lying on the grass-I got up and she was sitting giving some bodywork to a man. I went over and asked her what type of bodywork she was doing. I noticed an elderly woman in a pink shirt with a walker in proximity. My radar always goes out to elderly.
I made the first mistake of asking, "how are you?"
that always can be limited
"fine, ok"
she replied with a "fine."
She says that people are fake, why are Americans so fake, there is no culture.
I ask where she is from, if she is from a place of culture. Berlin.
It comes out that she was raised Catholic. Oh! that explains things. Guilt. Yep, she's had a tough life.
uh-oh, she's not so open to being asked if she's getting her daily dose of laughter
I ask the couple and they laugh with me. The woman tells me that her brother does Laughter Yoga in Thailand.

I ask if they want to make a laughter smoothie. We do. Ursula does not. She makes comments that it is fake, our laughter is fake. I tell her that even fake laughter has benefits. I'm not going to convince someone who's not open. Its not personal


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