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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Respecting Boundaries

Living in other people's space is a lesson for me to Mind My OWn Business and Let other people do their laundry. Learned my lesson when I stayed at my brother's and put some clothes dry clean only in the dryer.  Ooops  why were they in the wash machine in the first place.
I like to be helpful, however sometimes I feel like Amelia Bedelia.  Due to the state of the  dusty living room and rest of house, I took it upon myself to do some housecleaning after the guests left. I have an eye for detail. I swept under my friend's bed, and found a much loved Grateful Dead hat. I noticed a box that was busted, and replaced it with a bigger box today.  I notice that the laundry basket has a missing handle. I hid a cracked mug and towel that has a hole in it. Not my business to get involved. Its not my home. Rebbetzin Geltwoman wants to share the message if its got a hole, stained, or cracked, LET IT GO.  Then again, best to focus on my own letting go.


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