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Friday, January 31, 2014

Friends who are family

Grateful for my nearest and dearest visiting her son and grandchildren from Crown Heights. We reconnected last night, and it was timeless. It was a very precious moment to sit at the kitchen table and share bowls of chicken soup as Mendy shared some of his comedy experiences. We laughed lots, which is the best medicine, chicken soup being second.

I threw a wrench in the bedtime routine. I came to the house and Chaya and I got to reconnect. Mendy came back with Hinda and Yosef; all ready for bed, and I got them a little wound up with some silliness.  Missed the window opportunity for bedtime. Some crying and calling Abba, Abba many times...Good thing I bought flowers for shabbos. It was funny once they went to sleep.
Precious moments


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