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Monday, January 28, 2008

Creative collaboration

Tonight was the shul's fundraiser La Vie Que Rit-fancy food and entertainment. On the subject of food, it was too much work. The caterer is a person with a lot of vision, and gets caught up in the details. The marzipan mice and shortbread cookies that looked like swiss cheese were nice, but a lot of work. Less is more. The highlight is seeing people in the community get up and perform. We are fortunate to have such talented Rabbis-the Chabad Rabbi, Rabbi Ferris has a band called the Ferris wheels, and he is one cool cat. Rabbi Creditor, the new Rabbi of Netivot Shalom played the guitar and sang soulfully. I hope that one day they will sing at my wedding. The Purple Prophetess gave a performance she hoped would be more polished, but it is a process

Been burning the candle at both ends, and I have a lot to heal with my nerves and stress. Definitely have a Vata imbalance to take care of. My goal is to get a massage this week-I would like to check out Aruveda.


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