Living inspired

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Loving what IS

Perhaps its Mercury in retrograde I am feeling unsettled
being underemployed is another
This is my gratitude list:
walking in sunshine
being invited to go immerse in the Mikvah-purify myself of anything blocking me
coming home to a clean kitchen
holding a newborn and getting my oxytocin fix
doing some stretches in the park
being offered dark chocolate from someone shopping in Whole foods.
eating a nourishing meal of buckwheat, egg whites, peas and sourdough bread

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Life after Breema

I've returned from my trip up N, and its time to intergrate.
Everything can be a Breema sequence. Its Being
Right Now
somehow the bags don't want to get unpacked-they're going to get packed again later this week
there's always Extra sitting around.
I'm aware of it, and want to LET GO.
No Judgement on that. Single Moment, Single Activity. with Full Pariticipation

Cultivating Patience

I'm waiting in Starbucks in Fresno for a ride to LA. Not that I'm in any rush to return to LA. I want to move on with life. Life is about being present to this moment. drinking green tea.
I found out that my friend Shon is in Fresno, and he came to visit me before work. YAY!
My ride is coming soon. Grateful to have a morning to do some writing.