Living inspired

Monday, September 10, 2007

the high holidays

Mamesh, the highest. what is the new year, renewal all about? its been a rough year for aj, lots of ups and downs. I went to a women's dance circle last night for Elul, and it was powerful to share our intentions. When I looked at the other holy sistas in candlelight, it hit me that its an opportunity for us to connect with our highest selves. Looking forward to the sweetness

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

i-pod and talking to boys,

not a good combination, as it seems that I misplace one or the other damm the shuffle is small-where are my headphones?
it seems that my radar is putting out sweet lovely deep soul open to romance...its warm enough to jump into a lake
where am I resting my head these days? staying with a family in N. Berkeley, I haven't been home much. They have a big backyard with a clothesline, I am getting my need to be in the country met.
looking out at the bay made me grateful for the flowing creativity here
there are days when we're strong-Barchenu Avinu kulanu, kechad, kulanu keachad b'orpanecha

I celebrated my b-day by hanging out at the farmers market, spent some time with Zack the poem guy. need a poem? poems about anything. A fun Israeli named Yaakov, joined us.

a week from now is Rosh Hashana, it takes a lot of inner work to examine our souls.