Living inspired

Thursday, August 23, 2007

food, food, food

We are living in a material world. Whats overwhelming is the purchasing of food. My friend Sarah just moved to town from Seattle, and shes getting to know the shopping ropes. this week she checked it all out-Monterey Market, Berkeley Bowl, Whole Foods (which is good for rice noodles and peanut butter) Berkeley Natural Grocery (Expensive) Tokyo Fish Market-beautiful fish, she'll be a regular there, Trader Joes, and the Thurs Farmers market where she can get her greens from Blue Heron Farms 3 for $3. Did we miss anything? Jus the kosher butcher.

I've spent part of my week filling up bottles of high quality raw olive oil, and packing nuts and goji berries. I want to go to sleep now. I shopped at Berkeley natural, the Tues and Thurs farmers market, Monterey Market, and TJ's and Slaveway. Looking forward to shabbat!