Living inspired

Monday, January 28, 2013

Growing Like a Tree!!!

I farbrenged with the high school women at Bais Chaya Mushka today at lunch.  Chassidishe Maidlach in da house!  I set up a table with a tablecloth and fruit. We went through the 4 worlds of Assiyah (Creation )  Yetzirah (Formation) , B'riyah, and Atzilut (Emanation).

It was a blast, we sang, danced, most importantly, laughed. Great to have a reunion with the 11th grade class-spunky girls. Libby, the young woman I was an aide for sat next to me, and censored me saying, "thats not funny."  

I shared a piece of celery with a raisin on it-we should have a raise in salary!!! And when its time for shidduchim ( dating), all you need is one good date

I shared what I brought was transported by bicycle, and much of the shopping was done by bike. I invited the girls to think about how far their food travels to get to their plate when shopping for food.

An true opportunity to plant seeds of consciousness in growing spirits.  May we all have faith in our vision, nurture our roots; to bear sweet juicy fruit.