Living inspired

Friday, May 29, 2015


ok. going to share a little of what happens to me in a day... a week. just came back from the laundromat on 20th and 9th. While it was washing I walked to High Line, went straight to grass, put my laughter sign and engaged with a man.  Its SOOO nice to engage with people.  when you can get 24 hours of connection in 5 minutes  Feels good to receive appreciation from the smiles. Good to sing a happy tune as walking down the street.

Its a sunny somewhat breezy spring day. pretty perfect. I think I'll nap on the train to Brooklyn.  Have a session scheduled for this afternoon.

Yesterday went into Crown Heights. danced with a little girl and a woman who looked like her grandmother on Eastern Parkway. YES!  Went to Creative Soul gallery exhibit of Elke Reva Sudin work. Really nice to see how its evolved.  Met my friend Rochel in Kmart, I have a plan to get her out of Williamsburg. Being by Penn station with all of the lights and noises is overwhelming, especially if you have PTSD.

I had a female taxi driver from Crown Heights drive me to Manhattan on Tues. Felt like I was shlepping a heavy bag to and from places. I actually had a friend be my holy bag shlepper. We sat on the grass outside the botanic gardens. I lay down on a slant.

Wednesday I walked to Union Square and visited my friend Sarah whom I know from LA in the village. the bus was free!

I did a turnaround with a guy selling me a haircut who was working on commission. I asked if he's getting his daily dose of laughter. We parted with a hug. I now have an appointment at a fancy salon that I paid $30 (it was supposed to be 70 he sold it to me for $35 and he didn't have change of $15 so gave me a $20) nice!   it includes highlights and a scalp massage. I like that part. I guess it comes to the tipping

I had a big meat craving and ate a pastrami sandwich. I feel like I'm an official NYer  now.

I've been to a Jewish assisted living home, met a very funny man. Witty. he wanted to marry me, but we left it that we are looking for our own kallah/chatan (bride/groom)

Helped my friend Claudio tape his audition. Lights, camera, action...patience.

Shabbos is coming !

Marina Keegan-the urgency of the moment

I discovered the writer Marina Keegan, author of The Opposite of Loneliness published posthumously

from the poem "Nuclear Spring"
So what I'm saying is you should text me back
Because there's a precedent. Because there's an urgency
Because there's a bedtime. 
Because when the world ends I might not have my phone
    charged  and
If you don't respond soon
I won't  know if you'd wanna leave your shadow next to mine.

Thursday, May 28, 2015


Its humid out. sticky. melting. staying in the apartment
I surrender
not going to think too much or make big decisions
need some earth connection
challenge of being in a city

I don't have to sort through another person's clutter

working with energy, letting it flow
 everything attraction or contraction

getting to still point
NY-I want to embrace all of the aliveness tasting Tiger nut horchata in Whole Foods,
DF mavens vegan ice cream in the village.

clearing the quantum field clearing the subtle body
I rode in a taxi with a super cool female driver named Lupe who lives in Crown Heights Tues night.
Tuesday I lugged the weight of my duffle bag around.

don't want to avoid what is uncomfortable
dropping at still point
scanning the body
our destiny

the concert on the subway-steel drums, violin, beats...

certain moment from place of neutrality and embrace

yesterday at Union Square I got propositioned by Cameron for a haircut and scalp massage and highlights for $70. He really wanted the comission so I got it down to $35

Getting sleep helps the nervous system
think more clearly
function. hard to run on a low tank when I want to embrace eVeryThing

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Opening to LOVe

We all can love. In NY it feels so so much more ALIVE, wide open and its great to be able to be
playful, vibrant, and want to deeply embrace it ALL!
Blessing us all towards a greater heart opening.

Being G-ds Microphone

A Jew is someone who is the microphone for G-ds voice. The real Jew is somebody who who has G-ds microphone in his heart to let the world hear the most, most beautiful echo of G-ds voice.   
Let is be clear to us that in spite of all the evil in the world that wants to disconnect the earth from heaven, our microphone is getting stronger by the minute.   There is an awakening in the world. People want more than to hear G-ds echo-they want to hear Gds voice.  The second day of Shavout we read the story of our holy mother Ruth who is a messenger from the whole world to Jerusalem.   She opened a bridge between the echo and the voice.   I would like to be there-you, me, and all our children-when the whole world will come to Jerusalem.  Then we shall hear G-d’s voice again. But then it will be more than just hearing G-d’s voice.  We will see G-d’s voice. 
When you love somebody the most, when you see them,you hear them ,when you 
hear them you see them.
 Much love, R. Shlomo Carlebach z'tl  Shavout 1992


I went out for a walk this morning in Chelsea and saw a flier taped to a parking meter. I looked at it with another man . Dan Perino is looking for a date (seriously) got his face and website on it.   He's an artist. Seriously? I thought. I couldn't resist and wrote that on the paper along with some words of sympathy. Hector is a limo driver who practically got run over by a bike crossing the street to give me his card and I shared a good laugh. YEAH!

I passed by a man with dreadlocks and he said, "good morning beautiful."
I replied, "takes one to know one."
Thats a title of a book/workshop-How to flirt with ANY ONE. (ok being a shiny soul doesn't hurt...)
Here's to playfulness and heart opening!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Bay area bliss

The air here is special, the fog rolls in, resting on the mountains. After coming from the desert, it is chilly!  Today I explored the new Mitchell park community center and library. Whoah! different from my childhood
I rode an orange cruiser with insufficient air in the tires and it took a lot of effort for me to get to my client.
Sitting in Starbucks in Silicon Valley is a trip. I get eyes on me. Its going to be time to shake things up from complacency. Did some laughter yoga at the California Ave farmers market yesterday.

I walked into GroupOn and spoke with the receptionist about doing some Lunchtime Lauighter at the workplace. I am in the process of sorting boxes. Lots of papers. Gotta let it go, or use it.

Little by little, simplicity.