Living inspired

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Shopping at Slaveway I meant...Safeway

Went down to Menlo Park and went shopping at Safeway with my Dad. it got a makeover. they're selling Maggie Organic socks. They're trying to be like Wholy Foods. Yep, organic sells. As much as I dislike shopping in the store, I appreciate Berkeley Bowl and Monterey Market where I don't get asked if I found everything ok. I responded to the man, I didn't find the truth.

Monday, June 16, 2008

summer fog-ick!

"its freezing" says a woman in line at the coffee shop. I wouldn't say that, but definitely chilly as the fog blankets the hills. the heat that made me want to never have to look at a fleece again is gone. I'm ready to thaw out.

that aside...I am staying in a lovely house that is up the street from Monterey Market, and I shop there almost daily. I like the discounted papayas. I have about a $ to my name, need to bring in the abundance. Dear Gd almighty, I am locking up the fridge at night-food issues. the woman I am staying with sleepwalks.

I made yummy tahini-maple oat almond cookies.
time for sleep.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

living in the bay-got to love it!

as I have one foot out the door, I am finding things that I appreciate. Like the man who crochets hats outside of MacArthur BART. I asked him how many he makes a day. He told me he would teach me how to make one if I wanted. I got on the BART and was greeted with "namaste' by 2 4th grade boys on a field trip. I hitchiked from the bus station-c'mon, it was hot and I was carrying a bag-a man with his son in back, driving a rental car was kind enough to pick me up. go good karma!

I reconnected with my friend Snooky at the farmers market. good to be in his presence. a delightful soul. I was shopping erev shabbos at Monterey Market and ran into another yid shopping for shabbos. We greeted each other with a good shabbos. got to love it.

On my walk toay I saw the most recent father in the chevre, who named his son Elia Mevin Sod. That's a name to grow into!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Shavuot-the dairy holiday

I survived Shavuot-eating customary dairy in the right proportion, and did not stay up all night learning-its a custom. I was sleepy at 11 and then got a second wind saying hello to people. It was very sweet to see the community gathered together. It was really hot today-people sweating.
My dvar Torah is that Torah is compared to water. my pet peeve is water being wasted-whats up with lawns being watered but the sidewalk is getting watered? Shorter time watering please. but I digress. the point being just like we need water to survive, we also need Torah, and each drop is precious. It being a very hot day, my public service announcement is to stay hydrated and drink. The water shortage doesn't mean your hygiene needs to suffer. Off to bed, got to get some sleep.