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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rain in June

 Its raining outside Like the flood
I'm working at the Jewish Girls Retreat in Latham NY. the motto is
Where every girl Grows...Where every girl shines...where every girl is Family

Cooking for a crowd

My days of grazing are over for the next 3 weeks. When I cook I usually have no appetite.. Yesterday I cooked with much more animal flesh than I'm accustomed to. It turned out well, nicely spiced with cumin.  I'm learning the amounts. I pray to pull it off well for lunch. My motto right now is better everyone happy and good spirits even if we're living on cheese sandwiches. I'd prefer to serve less dairy and meat.  
I got really tired last night-hello being up with the dawn will do that, so by the time it was 10:30, I needed to be in bed. In the end, I got out of the hotel after 11 and got a second wind, staying up til 1:30 with a bowl of rice crispies and almond milk.
I hear one child up, time to get the food going


what can I say about Matisyahu's new song? I resonate with it. interesting to know him personally and know some of what inspires the music.  I'm on a journey as I listen to it.
We're all surrendering to the moment, over and over. to what is
what is truly ours to change.
Highly recommend Judith Orloff's book  The Art of Surrender

Matisyahu - Surrender

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Saving Grace

I admit it, I get a certain satisfaction coming into people's cluttered spaces and creating some order.
I think REALLY? this is what I'm using my precious life force energy for?  to untangle someone else's chaos?  In a kitchen sorting out what IS what... Elevating the spark

Cooking in quantities

Ok its boot camp time for feeding many mouths. I'm presently in a house with 10 children. At lease one of them is away, actually working in summer camp in Palo Alto. I am in a slight nightmare
Styrofoam plates  Chicken. Meant
we'll transform it somehow
Life in Narnia was so good, living on mung beans and gluten free bread
here there's whiny children who say there's nothing to eat. I appreciate the quiet to cook in
Making mexican-ground beef and leftover chicken. Lots of  zucchini. homegrown garlic.
sauce it up!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Compost happens

Its time to make a pile. I dug a shallow hole today and dumped what we've been collecting on the earth.
It needs to be deeper and bigger. Everything that's been funkifying in the metal can is now on the earth.
Compost is like baking a cake. You need heat and air and moisture for it to cook.

Friday, June 20, 2014

If you can't carry it, you don't need it!

I have arrived in Lenox, MA with my backpack, carryon, bags and bags, and with some weeding out of papers, I think I'm good. Appreciating being out of the city
I manifested a ride to Lenox with my seatmate, who got picked up at the station. yay!
more on the phones, they really can consume. a pet peeve is walking and texting at the same time. especially when I'm in a crowded busy place. I admit, I'm guilty

Packing up, letting go

Ok, I lived really simply last week, and I don't need a lot. I acquired what I did need, like shoes.  I'm clearing out the hand me downs and winter clothes as I prepare to head upstate. What does one really  need?  I say a tehillim and a toothbrush. gotta keep on singing Let it Go from Frozen
Gotta stay focused on whats essential. Now, is there someone who has time to get my nails done while I'd rather be playing in the dirt?

Sauerkraut-So good

good morning. I don't have time at the moment to extol all the virtues of sauerkraut. I want to share that I popped a bit into my mouth, and its grounding and centering and yum!  that bit of tang is great for our digestive system. Gut health= Overall health.  Invite some friendly culture into your diet.

My relationship with my phone

it demands my attention. this morning when I woke up in a bed-Goldilocks finding is just right-a comfortable Tempurpedic mattress. Definitely moving up in the world after napping on a bench the night before.  The thoughts started going. Where's my phone?  what time is it?-normal, I use it as a clock. I'm going to guess before 7.
 Who sent me an email?  who is demanding my attention? slightly unhealthy Do I want to check pictures on Facebook? d ok, this is getting out of hand. I just woke up and I haven't taken a moment of gratitude. I decide to go to the backyar d, get fresh air. I return to look. I still don't see it. Hm
its GOT to be somewhere. Ok, I surrender, I REALLY don't need my phone to do all the coordinating I need to do today. Its extra.
I hear my phone, calling me, with the alarm
\Looking forward to an unplug....

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Prankster in the hood

Its 7 am and I'm back in Chocolatte. I'm in the back, there's 3 Israelis, the guy in jeans has crutches. He's loud.
I took a nap on a swinging bench on a porch. Nice to be in fresh air, see the sunrise, hear the drizzle and birdsong.
I walked past an alley on Brooklyn and saw a big yellow stuffed... banana?
No, its a smiling Rasta with hair. I picked up and carried it to Eastern Parkway and placed it on a bench. We all need more smiles.

No Sleep Til Brooklyn

Its 3 am and I made it back to the hood
Grateful for my buddy 'S' ( I'm too shikker on sleep deprivation to remember his name. ) who works at Chocolatte, the 24 hour cafe.  He tells me from 10 til 2 it was quiet. Then 25 guys came. "Why does there have to be a rush?" . Yes, there are people here at 3 am .  Its my last chance to connect with him, he's leaving for Israel on Sunday. whoo hoo.!
I returned from my Manhattan adventure, soaking up all that I can in the West Village walking down the street with Te'Devan who wears a sign  6'7 Jew who will rap for you
And he does. on any topic you desire.   He's got dreadlocks and tomorrow he's flying to S. Carolina to see Amma.  I got informed that there's 2 Amma's. He's working on a book of his story. He's got stories. He lives simply and close to the source.
"New York is like a firm woman, she lets you know when its time to go."
Te'Devan is a fellow soul traveler, couchsurfing where he can. Surrender to the source.
My feet hurt from walking to find the subway station
I fell asleep on the train and got woken up by the woman sitting next to me in a tangerine shirt. she said I reminded her of a musician friend. She woke me up before Atlantic ave and I almsost entertained the idea of going to Coney Island. I'm here listening to tinny niggunim played over the loudspeaker. Good the music is changing to another tune...

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Lightning Storm

I'm sitting in Fuel coffee shop in Great Barrington, MA.  There was a lightning storm last night. Dramatic.  I like the Berkshires. it suits me.
I'm connecting with my friend Julie who I met doing a permaculture workshop.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Living in the Now

Living in the Now
Will be the Wave of the Future
-Swami Beyondanonda

Laughter in the Slope

I met Lisa and her two daughters last Sunday in Park Slope. We did some laughter and then she felt much better!  Know of a mom who could use a laugh today??? Improves your parenting skills

Friday, June 13, 2014

Moshiach eyes

Reb Shlomo also taught that there is an enormous difference between seeing with 'prophetic eyes' and seeing with 'Moshiach eyes'. To see with prophetic eyes means that you are looking at someone and gathering information about them,you are discerning who they are, what they are, you are evaluating them and making predictions based on the information. Seeing with Moshiach
eyes means to look at a person and to see their depths without being
distracted by what you see on the exterior. You can see your soul mate, butif you are not looking at him or her with Moshiach eyes, you won't realize
that you are looking at your soul mate.


yep, thats right for NY!


Letting go of the Past

These are words from my friend Nykki Hardin who does cleanses in Santa Monica and LA area.

Cleansing opens your heart.  It breaks down the walls of protection built up due to past hurts, destructive relationships, and deep emotional wounds. It frees you from negative memories and stories, trapped pain, and unserving beliefs. Cleansing wipes the slate clean, creating a fresh start with a new perspective and openness to possibility. It restores faith, belief in self, and trust in others and the natural process of life. This new way of being is fueled by confidence and a desire for adventure. 

Physical toxins, emotional stress, and negative thoughts are all entangled in those cells and tissues, weighing you down like a ton of bricks! What this means is that as the stubborn lbs fall off, you also drop the extra baggage (ie: anger, bitterness, and negativity), and the suitcase of armor. There you stand, officially waving “Sayonara” to all the muck and drama, and the ties to attachments.  Do you have any idea how AMAZING and LIBERATING it is to BE FREE? 


Let's paint a picture- You are LIGHT, You are POWERFUL, and You are ready to TAKE ON THE WORLD!  This Confidence and Vibrance, is SEXY!!  And others WANT IT!  You don’t even have to solicit the attention of a potential partner. THEY are attracted to YOU. Why? Because your heart is OPEN, your body is ALIVE, and you are ready to LIVE. You feel excited to explore and a desire to engage in the dance -- which is contagious. And just when you are not looking, POOF!, in sweepsROMANCE and....

The rest is history.   

Cleansing cultivates a natural vitality that is unstoppable and anenergetic vibration that cannot be denied. It is a sensual dance to a never ending LOVE song. 

Are you ready to LIVE?  Are you ready to engage in the DANCE? If you think this is a joke, then step into my office and try for yourself.  I am the Manifestation Mastress with the perfect plan. You can find out more my talking to me.  BOOK IT.  You have nothing to lose, and EVERYTHING to gain!! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Domestic Gdess in the house

I am content. I've just arrived-last night to a farmhouse in upstate NY, surrounded by fields of weeds outside the window. Its a chilly overcast day, I would almost think I'm in Mendocino. I  went to the Hawthorne Valley Farm market up the road-that sells biodynamic dairy and produce. I thought I was going into a small store; its a whole health food store. I think I'm in LOVE.
I hear crickets out the door, there's a waterfall 500 feet away.
I made shakshuka with local eggs and kale, and baked cabbage with tumeric. I did notice the organic red pepper is from Holland and the cabbage is from Florida.
I'm drinking detox tea that has schisandra berry in it. I'm detoxing from cellphones, rushing and being busy. I do admit to being on Facebook for too long. Getting ready to wash the concrete floor.
Sending vitality to everyONE.

Love it! missing Israel

The Cake I DID NOT Want to Make

WATCH: Israelis Dance to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ | United with Israel

WATCH: Israelis Dance to Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ | United with Israel

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Gardening is sanity

this is me with Chaya, the garden manager, my heroine. We're showing off our wedding boquets.   I like posing with radishes as you can see. I'm feeling a whole lot lighter now that my hair has been shaped by an artist-thank YOU!  Its been 'perfect'  weather for  gardening and dressinng modestly. Hooray!   Check out the burlap bags as planters on the side of building.

Its all in the perspective

I'm sitting in Chocolatte, a hip coffee shop in Crown Heights. Part of it is open to the Brooklyn museum. the chairs are whimsical, colorful 60's print covered in plastic. the back section is all girls-I politely kicked out a young man wearing hat suit and beard. I had put my bag down. The mechitza (division between men and women) is here.  They are all engaged in studying and on their cell phones.
On that subject, what IS everyONe so busy doing on their phone?  seriously. I am guilty of talking and walking and texting-I LIKE getting in people's way when they are walking and texting, just and exercise in mindfulness. A young man has entered our space, he is one a phone AND looking at a cellphone screen. Enter fat Chossid  with peyos, our sacred space has been intruded on. Double phone guy is a Frenchie

The gate to the museum is now shut.

Back to phones, I really want to be present, and that requires walking around without a phone tethered to my ear. It was perfect weather for dressing modest. One store spells tznius  - sznius.... its humid and overcast and the people I pass on the street seem washed out and distracted aside from that, someone I know is getting married and I spent some time amongst living plants-pulling out  radishes and bitter lettuce.

Chaya who runs the garden  and I are modeling radish wreaths-love is in the air....reserve yours now for TuB"Av. I'm loving being lighter now that my hair got a proper haircut from a true artist!

more inbox mantras

stay patient
love freely
keep having faith

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

my inbox reflects my consciousness

I suscribe to a lot of blogs, one of them being The Daily Love
titles in my inbox

You are already whole - act accordingly!

Take one step a day & pretty soon you're on your way!

Are you resisting your calling?
  Can you live in the maybe?

do you let others dump their fear onto you?
Why you're not getting what you want!

being yourself inspires others to be who they are

Today in the Botanical Gardens I saw  a woman with a tanned face and graying wavy hair. I thought, she rocks that. I told my friend Chaya and I shared with her my dilemma to let it go... or continue to henna, which is attractive. I saw the woman sitting on a bench with her friend and said, "excuse me, I wanted to tell you that you wear your hair well" or something like that.
she replied, "we're all looking for confirmation to be ourselves."
yes! as we radiate our true essence we can inspire others to radiate theirs

Garments of the Soul

I had a conversation with a friend last night about dressing elegant . Now that its wedding season in Crown Heights, its best to be dressed in a way that if you were to wish a mazel tov at the wedding. I'm not saying that you need to be going out in a wedding.   No more shleppy. How we dress does affect our attitude.
 Last night I attended the birthday farbrengen (gathering) Miriam Yerushalmi is a true living example of elegance and rega.l

 This morning I learned how thought, speech and action are our garments.Garments enhance us. When we wear clothes, we want to wear ones that honor us.    We can change these. If a person has anger or hate, they can weaken these qualities, just like when one doesn't exercise and the muscles get weak.  We choose what garments to adorn our bodies with. Our inner characteristics are more fixed, it is our essence.  
It is the responsibility of every yid to examine and transform our character traits.

We want to look into our vulnerable places in our speech and action and correct for the good. Not everyone is capable of transforming the inner qualities.

May we dress ourselves in garments that allow for more of our soul essence to shine through.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Laughter on a rainy Monday in Williamsburg

This morning went with my friend Muskie and another woman and her curly haired toddler to Bedford assisted living in Williamsburg. A  few ladies with terrycloth turbans. The first person I met was Mary dressed in hot pink with a hat and a smiling spirit.I led the room with laughter exercises, about 4 of the 15 women truly participated. One woman liked to kvetch, she wanted to go home. Her room is too cold, she used to live on Metropolitan Ave. I got to connect with Mrs.. Ackerman, a real refined woman who used to come visit the residents.   Its a great thing to share laughter with others.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Passing of souls

I found out on facebook about the passing of R. Meir Abhesera. He is known for being the 'whistler' in 770 and  macrobiotic food. I was a guest at his house in Nachlaot in 1999. I walked behind him as he returned from shul. I was sure that it was he who I was following to his house, however to make sure I politely inquired, "do you know where R. Meir Abehesera's house is? "
"Yes" he replied. "I am going there as well."
We shared a good laugh when we entered.

I remember that they served Coke at the table. The singer Yonatan Raizel was surprised by this. He explained that its good for the body to have a little junk. May we remember to do things in proportion, and to be playful. May his neshama have an aliyah.

Laughter at Lubavicher Yeshiva

Today my shlichus brings me to Lubavicher Yeshiva, sharing laughter with 5 and 6 year old boys. Kids laugh naturally, however some of them are reserved. I led them in some stretching and breathing exercises. One of my favorite exercises is laughter boxing. We threw punches at the 'Yetzer Hara' I told them they all have a responsibility to be b'simcha to bring Moshiach.  I'm off to the Yeshiva to lead another round of laughter. L'chaim!

when i arrived you were already there

 the title of Aviva Chernick's beautiful soulful CD. there is a reason why women don't sing in front of men. Aviva's voice seduces me,, my heart is open; I yearn to get closer, deeper, a divine embrace. My hands hold my heart, I am yours. I await you, and you are already there.

The melody for Chadesh Yamenu permeates my cells. I sing it on the subway, walking down the street, when I awake...Renew our days...

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Shabbos High

I had a lovely shabbat going to Friday night services at Rommemu. The music brings a whole dimension to the prayer.  It was a wonderful transition from Shavout to sharing shabbat with the Rommemu community.  We came back from the retreat and raising up the energy in Manhattan Singing Lecha Dodi to the tune of Leonard Cohen Hallelujah  A lovely spring evening. Today I went back to Rommemu for shabbat. A woman who was at Isabella was celebrating her birthday. There was also a baby naming for a baby who was adopted. Very emotional.
I am enjoying connecting with people I know both from CA and here. Lots of spirit. Aviva's haunting voice played in the car on the way to Manhattan. We were in our shabbat bubble.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Revelation on the mountaintop

it rained...each one of us received revelation....we sang. I am closer to people who were 'strangers' and feel conencted to a collective consciousness. there's been late nights of cooking in the kitchen. Ah, Shabbos is coming. the food has been delicious-at certain meals I wish I had 2 stomachs. grateful for sunshine, swimming and singing. Aviva has an angelic voice
Feeling grounded in my power and living in my soul essence. 

Prevent Gallstones Naturally? The Answer Is in Your Gut / All Body Ecology Articles

Prevent Gallstones Naturally? The Answer Is in Your Gut / All Body Ecology Articles

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Being present

I just had a friend from LA call me. I heard traffic in the background and asked where she was. She said she was driving. I realized I didn't have her full attention, and kept the conversation short. I know its hard for me to hold a conversation on the phone, even more so when I'm out in public. I like phones for texting logistics, not about a long story. I was looking forward to using the conversation to set our intention for Shavout I spoke my truth and told her I'd feel more comfortable if we could speak when she wasn't driving. 
"Its on my lap." she assured me. 
I've been in NY where there are BIG signs about using your cellphone while driving

Single Moment, Single Activity
I like the phrase from Jewish Buddist teachings
Be Here Now Be Someplace Else Later, Is that so difficult?
when we drive, we drive
and when we talk, we talk
Lets give the gift of being fully present when we speak on the phone to friends and family.
I'm working on being more mindful of walking down the street with my phone.

May we receive the messages we need to to hear and learn with clarity


Yogi tea quote:
Wisdom becomes knowledge when it is personal experience

Say Please

I'm feeling a little...intense as the humidity rises and the place fills with people. I am wearing a sign that says
It would be my pleasure to fulfill your request if it is preceded by a please!  Manners before Torah!

Monday, June 2, 2014

the benefit of the doubt on a low flow toilet

I thought I was sending an email to the CEO of Isabella Freedman, and it went to the Hazon office instead regarding hippies not flushing the toilet. ah yes, sometimes with a low flow toilet you have to hold down the handle. HA  HA....

A day in the life of a Mashgiach

I woke up at 5 and didn't need to be on duty until 10. I opened the kitchen earlier to get access to yogurt and put out cereal. I had a whole 5 hours to meditate, do yoga and write. I got a swim in the lake.
9 am are we working now?  where IS everyone. I'm going to eat some coffee yogurt. ITS GREAT having access to the kitchen
10:10 am cracking eggs one handedly
11:30 taking a break. the parve sink to wash kale is being used to wash dishes
11:55 eating lunch-its french toast. with a side of kraut....
12:15 sitting on the deck eating lunch
1 pm   time to put music on in the kitchen. lots of songs about love...and our favorite song is
Let It Go
2pm  gotta take a much needed nap
3pm washing kale. its time to recruit someone to help dry. this is a  2 person job
330 going to check facebook, what's happening
420 time to go back in the kitchen and move the the greens
5 we're all meeting in the sanctuary for a staff meeting
its with Reb Zalman to meet us and share
6 pm dinner of mac and cheese, tempeh curry-kinda spicy, green beans
7 putting kale away
745 jumping in lake to REJEWVENATE
8pm making a choc syrup coffee and half and half concoction
830  floor is clean, can start locking up
9 writing.....
11 its time for bed, right....

Malchus Sb'Malchus

Tonight is the last count of the Omer, Malchus Sb'Malchus. Sovreingnty in Sovreignty. sp? it is also the birthday of Tamar bat Oded z'l.  She truly embodied royalty, like our foremother  Ruth, who we read about on Shavout.  Are we ready for recieiving the Torah anew?

I have the opportunity to learn from the wisdom of Reb Zalman Schachter Shalomi. He shared with the staff today that we are all consciousness-I am too tired to remember it, although what he said made SO much sense in putting in perspective what our purpose on this planet is.  His wife, Eve Ilsen, shared exercises for us to release negative energy that we might experience in the group. Thank YOU!   May I continue to be a shining light of service.

I'm enjoying the last moments of solitude as this place is going to swell to 200 people tomorrow. Lot of energy. Dancing, singing, sharing..Raising each other up

Get thee to bed

I'm burning the candle at both ends staying up late to write-I have 8 minutes before curfew. I've been up since 5. A long day with a morning and sunset swim, and busy perfecting cracking eggs with one hand and streamlining my method checking and drying kale and spinach. looking forward to getting to bed-there's a clear starry sky. what a beautiful day its been!