Living inspired

Tuesday, September 3, 2013


I'm ready for a nap. I've been up before sunrise. busy mind
headed to Friendly park to kick off my shoes, lie on the grass, blow bubbles and look at the clouds.

Did a Sacred Clowning workshop at Breitenbush. Clowns use their Right Brain. They are heart and gut. Follow it.

Music in the backyard

Its Tuesday, not Monday
its the 1st day of school for a lot of kids
the neighbors across the fence are playing piano and there's some trumpet going
I want to get out of my head making arrangements on Craigslist for what looks like a crowded ride in the car with my stuff to Ashland. Sending emails, making phone calls, practicing some Breema distractedly. packing my bag.  Ready for a walk in the Friendly neighborhood.
Loving what is.

Breitenbush Bliss

Breitenbush is a magical place. Stunning beauty in the Cascade Mountains. Clear air starry skies, geothermal pools to soak in, a rushing river to get refreshed in, lush grass to play on, and lots of new friends to laugh and embrace.
Attending the Breema intensive was a great support to be present, get comfortable in my body and simply be.
I made several new friends, Jewish and professional connections.  I look forward to returning!