Living inspired

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Breema shabbos

Avishai invited a group of Breema people for shabbat dinner. We ate well-tachina, kabocha squash with coconut butter, potatoes with cheese, coconut soup. the best part was the laughter. Evan shared his theatre piece that had an imitation of Manooj, which can be truly appreciated by going to Breema class.

Friday, October 26, 2007

holy foods

I'm on my way to Whole foods, passing people sitting outside at tables, and my eye catches a man with curly dark hair and dark eyes sitting with a woman. We look at each other, and I turn back to say, you look familiar. Maybe its a middle eastern thing, maybe its a bay area thing. I ask if he's Jewish. I live in a Jewish bubble. No. He asks me if I'm a lawyer. Ha! no. We finally find a friend in common, Josie Leher, and he thinks he met me with her. We get into a conversation about religion-such a loaded thing. He went to Brandeis, was married to a Jew. yes, there's a lot of healing that need to be done, a lot to do with boundaries and elitism and victim mentality. I was just walking in to buy some ingredients for holy challah...I appreciate that people are passionate.