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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Chassidic Dog walker


its stinky-like the stench of the homeless man sitting next to me barefoot, his face glistening with sweat turned towards the heavens
riding the subway is a form of Hell here on earth
its temporary, and get the toxins out
I could use an iced coffee. thats how we roll

The Fire of Moshiach

May Every Breathing Being
Be worthy to experience
Great Indescribable Miracles
In These Chaotic and Confusing Times.
May we see a True End to Ugly Conflict and War
and the Beginning of Eternal Unity and Peace.

May Every Single Being
Transcend Present Limited Constricted Reality,
and Merit the Revelation of All Hidden Mysteries :
- The All Knowing of All Secrets
The Fire of All Living
Burning Bright In The Beyond.
Propagating the Earths, Suns and Stars
Of the All Glorious Physical In Uni-Verse.
May We All Merit being Led through those Gates
that lead to the Dawn of a New Era
Governed by the Pri-Moridal Light
Of the Ancient of Days.
Where All Will Cease to Not Know.
And Knowing The Unknown
Will forever Be One's Ecstatic Companion.
Much Love
and Peace
and Victory
to All.

Sha-Rone   Kushnir

in memory of Yaakov Shlomo Matisyahu Chaim

I am sharing words from Mendy Pellin. today is the yartzeit of his brother

Three years ago my brother passed away. His name was Yaakov.
In honor of his Yartzeit I'd like to share a little story about a different Yaakov. Yaakov Shwekey.
Three weeks before my brother died, Shwekey asked me, on a Sunday, if I can come film a music video with him in Israel that Tuesday. A few hours later I was on a plane sketching ideas for the video on a napkin. It didn't make any sense to try to pull off an international video with just a plane ride for prep.
But it all made sense shortly after returning from the trip. I had gone to Israel to say goodbye to my brother.
Before that trip I hadn't seen my brother, Yaakov, in a few years. So this gave us an opportunity to catch up for a while. He told me about a maamar he learned that day. We spoke about our favorite Seinfeld moments. We spoke about childhood memories. We said goodbye. We hugged.
And two weeks later he died, suddenly.
Shiva was in Jerusalem. For some reason, I couldn't manage to get a minyan together for Kaddish. I was not handling things too well.
On the 6th day of Shiva, Shwekey called me. He was back in Jerusalem for a show and wanted to swing by for a Shiva call. He asked what time Shachris was. I told him I wasn't able to arrange a minyan and that he should swing by after daavening.
He didn't listen. He stopped by before daavening - bringing a minyan with him.
G-d made him the messenger for me to say goodbye to my brother. During that Shachris he arranged, I realized why.
With so much sadness in the world, we should take the time to recognize those that bring smiles and light to the world.
My brother definitely brought smiles and light to the world. May Yaakov Shlomo Matisyahu Chaim ben Yosef Getzel have an Aliya and may we truly cry no more IN Jerusalem!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Summer Lovin

Summer is...appreciating the flowers in bloom at the Botanical garden-I like the zinnias and water lilies, and drinking AJ's limeade with kangen (alkaline water) and brown sugar,  strawberry ricotta ice cream, and doing downward facing dog on the grass as the moon rises.

Simcha Funk:

Meir Kalmanson ALWAYS puts a smile on my face and is doing AWESOME WORK IN the UNIVERSE!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Touch starved society

Meditating a lot on what that's all about, and then things get out of proportion,  our cells thirsting for healthy touch.
I just listened to Miriam Adahan speak about  The Five Love Languages, and for some of us its TOUCH!!!  Being a bodyworker, I appreciate being able to touch a person, not only their physical body their soul essence as well. Today I'm having a day where I actually jump at the thought of being touched. Stay away, I need space!

I think there is a need for a Touch Bank-where we can get daily deposits nourishing touch!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Saying the right thing at the right time

Sharing words from Shaul Youkedevich  on Devarim transcribed by Jenny Hanna Goldfarb
We just entered a new month of Av - Leo. People born during this month
of Av, we call them Leos, have a lot of desire to share. Leos are good
at sharing their opinions w/others and there are leadership qualities
associated with Leos. During a particular month, we all become the
given sign, so even if you're not born during that month, we are all
fall sway to these influences.  Sharing is great, the problem is if
I'm all about giving, the danger is doing it the way "I" think it
should be.
So how do you tell someone what you think they should do so that the
person can receive it? The way the halacha says, the same way it's an
important thing to say the right thing to a person, and to share views
abt his wrongdoing, it's of the same importance not to say it at the
wrong time. We know you can say something at the wrong moment and the
damage can last for who knows how long...

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Quiet on the Set!

Red balloons. tables strewn with napkins and wineglasses and water bottles and plastic fruit
fake peyos (sidecurls). the power of a white wedding dress
dancing with a red balloon between my partner-I'll understand what that is all about  when the movie comes out
we've got the stars
Lainey Kazan from My Big Fat Greek Wedding,  Renee Taylor
and Karina from Dancing with the Stars

Quiet on the set Quiet on the set!!!
You have GOT to be quiet. you cannot whisper

Massimo helps direct where we are to go

when life imitates art-Claudio is a groom at his wedding, may it become a reality

Monday, July 20, 2015

Meatless Monday

Hello good morning from Stamford CT where I got to go swimming in a lake, and I'm getting organized with my thoughts. Its Meatless Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday...and you know. I'm just not so into being a downer about the 9 days. Lets focus on the rebuiding. Lets be meditating more and cultivating visions of what we truly desire in our hearts and homes and conscious community. Lets be fully Alive!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Flirting and Conscious Uncoupling

I confessed to my friend on fb in Tzvat today that I  like to flirt. A LOT . Perhaps I could monetize it. Have a teleseminar. He wrote
Well you ARE a champion Flirt
I  mean World Class,

I question if it moves me forward in life in staying focused in what I need to get done.  ITS JUST SO MUCH FUN. Especially when my hormones are high.  Flirting is good for the heart. A little love tap, a little wink that I'm dancing with you.

Today I listened to a friend on the phone who told me she feels like she is on the verge of getting divorced, her heart is so broken, and I see how her impostions of rules and trying to fit into a society that doesn't align with her essence has caused friction for her family. I tell her to be gentle. I tell her its ok to listen to music. I tell her to say the Ho'opono prayer
I Love You
I'm Sorry
Thank You
Please Forgive me.

clears out a lot of soul junk

In my inbox I got a email about an intro to be a coach for Conscious Uncoupling. We couple, how about being conscious in the untangling of patterns and giving back to the other person what was no longer ours in the first place?

Saturday, July 18, 2015

What If...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Paying attention to magic

Crocheted bricks? have appeared on Eastern Parkway. orange yarn. striped. yes,
pay attention

Essential oils are ESSENTIAL

I drank beer last night and woke up with a headache. Where's my essential oils. Somehow, I could not locate them-in my bodywork bag-duh...and really would've benefitted from peppermint oil-invigorating and oxygenating and grapefruit. It took a walk through muggy Prospect park and good dance after a stretching session to get rid of most of it. Oils are life changing!

Being Healthy

Thank you Elad Nehorai for writing this

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

I'm disappointed

we get disappointed when we have expectations
I guess I thought there would be more support
we don't get if we don't ask
so I'm asking you, I'm begging you please
to believe in my vision, to support me in my journey of
bringing light and love and helping people with anxiety
please help me support myself in this world
I'm disappointed that I don't get invited for shabbos.
Its true that I probably won't even want to come
Sometimes we have to make our own party and show up to it.

I love ALL things plastic and with a smiley face

I think I'm addicted to the 99 cent store. I'm on the search for smiley face stickers. My source is on  14th st in Boro Park. they sell them by the roll, they are metallic and challenging to peel off and I haven't found them anywhere else. I'm searching.  These stores run by Asians and Pakistanis and women named Princess with rings in her nose. Its time for me to share my top ten favorite discount stores. Where I can find Tulsi tea and Meyers dish detergent and a ball with a smiley face and big bubble wands. I want it all, I want bubble sticks with smiley faces-on the search for that. In the meantime, I acccumulate a bamboo mat and a small mason jar, and a big flower pinwheel for my simcha stand. Oh yes, and the battery powered spray bottle and fan
I buy necessities like sheets that are microfiber-next time I'm investing in Egyptian cotton, and hydrogen peroxide and rubbing alcohol and epsom salt.
On Avenue J there is a great store. I found LED lights for the bike and got ones for the spokes and front and back and sold them to a friend who started biking recently.
and to quote U2 For I still haven't found What I'm looking for....

Committing to Consistency

We eat. we sleep. we go to the bathroom. we walk. I write. Cause I have stories
I have lots of rich experiences that shape my consciousness. I have moments of divine providence (hashcacha pratis) happen all the time. I'm sitting outside the Brooklyn Public library in the plaza. traffic goes by. sirens. a woman with purple hair and a floral dress. Everything is alive
I just came from the Botanical garden. its free on Tues and its my lifeline to sanity, walking barefoot on the grass.
I cried when I arrived. my cells are tired and thirsty for love. Look, I get sexual energy ALL the time. I got a waiting list of people who would like to get into my pants. I'm talking about SAFE. GENTLE. LOVING CARESSES. Simply someone to stroke my hair. some mutual support
 I was crying by the pond, and a young woman with a camera around her neck asked if there was anything she could do and I replied, " a hug."
well maybe I am missing out on AMMA the 'hugging saint' and need to get over to the Javits center to receive a hug. or maybe just let mySelf know that EveryThing is gonna be ALL right.
I got a sweaty one from her in Los Angeles.
I hear a harmonica
and there's a raindrop or two between the sunshine breaking through
So can I reallytrust in SOURCE
to KNOW that ALL is WELL. I am taken care of. I am not going to fall off this planet
need some more love. and laughter.
now for the big question, who wants to be my angel?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Feeling wealthy despite finances

Ok, so its been a long time since updating ,and I REALLY want to be consistent
Today I ca$hed in on collecting bottles-only a $ worth, and I bought coconut water in a unique container  Pearl Royal brand. Very cool packaging.
I've been busy collecting cereal boxes and posters to paint on and creating quite a collecxtion Short of applying to be a nude (tasteful) model that is well paid, I'm open to earn some $ doing what I'm good at. Sometimes we have to be patient and put in the hard work and live frugally
My stomach is rumbling so its time to get some lunch. its a beautiful breezy sunshine day great for flirting and smiling!