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Thursday, May 29, 2014


I came up to Isabella Freedman to help out in the kitchen and am going to be working here doing supervision work-called mashgiach comes from word hashgacha-supervised.  In order for food to be certified kosher it doesn't need to be blessed-unless bread. What makes it kosher is checking for bugs, no blood spots in the eggs and that hot things are put on surfaces that are designated for meat or dairy. Things were extra strict with the Bais Chana group. They observe Halav Yisrael-all milk must be supervised by a Jew. Eating yogurt with a OU certificate is not enough. When it comes to baked goods, things get strict as well. Regular pretzels, no.
There's something called Bishul Akum, I'm not going to explain it now. Anyways, a day in my life in the kitchen has been washing collard greens and checking for bugs, and then drying in a spinner. Lots of work
when its meal time, making sure that everything that gets put out is kosher, and right now I need to go lock up the dairy cabinet, since there's meat for dinner.

Lets enjoy our food  and eat it mindfully. Its so important to taste...savor the flavors...chew.

Yogi Tea quote

Delight the world with 
Compassion , kindness and grace


Real health is harmony with all existence

Ok everyone, lets vomit out our health issues-joints-shoulder, hip, lower back, digestion....
according to Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life, every physical ailment has a thought pattern behind it. Low back-concern about $. Ok, I trust in the abundance. Shoulder-carrying the weight of the world.  ok.
According to Breema, our thoughts and emotions get crystalized in our body. I have a lot of crystals. My joints crunch. Ick. I could use a chiropractor right now.  I want to be in alignment with my highest good. I want my words to match my actions. I want all of us to be aligned as we receive the Torah anew as one heart.

Some people don't look healthy. overweight or depleted, skin issues. Is it an inside job?  are we holding on to thoughts and beliefs that don't serve us? Do we worship eating gluten free and kale and think that is what is going to heal us?  When our body, mind and feelings are in harmony, we are healing in this moment.

Laughter Powder

Watch out kitchen staff at IF, its time to bring some cheer to the workers. I'm putting signs in unexpected places reminding us to laugh. Put one on the baking soda container that says Laughter Powder. HA HA!!!

In retrospect, I wish I had written about a laughter moment for each day of the Omer. This is what I'm sharing on Gevurah Sb'Malchus.

Earthy, not hippie

I like connecting to the earth. Walking barefoot on the grass is one of the best things you can do for balancing hormones and your whole electomagnetic field. Its a perfect spring day-the temperature is just right-cool enough to comfortably dress modestly.
I'm at Isabella Freedman, and there's a whole group of people doing a fellowship learning about Jewish spirituality and farming. they tracked some mud from their boots at lunchtime today. The woman working in the dining room requested that people brush off boots before entering.
Now, if I could, I would pee in the garden and contribute nitrogen, however I'll save that when I have my own piece of land. I'm all for, if its yellow its mellow in the toilet-if you are at home. I'll give the benefit of the doubt, perhaps the low flush toilet didn't work.
Go stand on some grass!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meaningful Life Center

Meaningful Life Center

and now for another experience going to the holy mountain...

Mindfulness in the kitchen-from the hands to the heart

Today I cleaned collard greens. 2 crates of them. Thankfully, they are clean and didn't find any bugs. It can be tedious, putting in the sink to clean, then rinsing, checking the water, putting in the spinner to drain for water. And repeat. I think about holding the greens in my hands and bring to my heart-green is the color of healing.  the stalks are tasty!

Laughter Breakfast

I shared some ideas with moms at breakfast today how to make meals more playful. I suggested adding laughter powder to the oatmeal, making a laughter smoothie, and having conversations in gibberish. Lots of fun.! A great way to start the day!

Do What Brings You Joy

Biking and Swimming. If you ask me how often I do those things, its been over a month since I've been on a bike-I have been yearning to ride a Citibike in Manhattan- and swimming...not in 2014.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to jump on a bike and get my lungs going, as well as go in the lake and feel completely re JEWvenated. what is it that nourishes you that you want to bring into your life. Do it!!!

Your Intention is Your Direction

It requires a little focus for me to get clear on my intention. Its to serve. Share Joy, Vitality, and Torah. That is the direction I'm going in. It takes me to the garden, the city streets, to sitting still on the mat. Its essential to get still, to touch down on the quiet place so our vision can reach the places it wants to go in the world. Its a constant meditation to ground. Walk barefoot on the grass. It balances out our electromagnetic field. the deeper we can ground, the higher our light can go out into the world.

A morning practice

I like being up early. Waking up at 4:15  because I'm cold is a little too early. It great to start the day with drinking tumeric tea, stretching, meditation, and I am grateful to be devoted to my writing practice. it is a discipline. It feels good to be well rested, I went to sleep by 10 last night.  I am ready to embrace the day b'simcha!

Monday, May 26, 2014

Playful Parenting

Parenting is a skill. Keeping it light amidst all the daily activities. Its 1 am and I'm here amongst the debris of compostable cups- a change from styrofoam 11 years ago-see chapter From Granola to Gd in The Rebbes Army.  Grateful to share some laughter yoga with moms from Montreal. thats the brief moment I am sharing of the day since its 1 am here. Going to walk under the clear starry sky. 

Rebbetzin Geltwoman

She's getting ready to share her wisdom with her upcoming e-book Gelt Without Guilt.Possess Your Potential for Prosperity withOut Pressure!

I suscribe to a blog called Entheos and there is online classes one can take. Two that are offered are titled
How to Build a Conscious Business and the other is called How to Create Abundance through Livelihood. Yes!!

Rest and Relaxation

After pulling another all nighter in NY-riding the subway at 2 am was a fun experience-shared essential oils and laughter-a trip to the country is essential. Being at a retreat center is stimulat that I am surrounded by AH-MAZING powerhouses of women who teach, and lovely lovely young women. Each one is a diamond. It takes some discipline to know when to go to sleep and not pull another all nighter....
I took a rejuvenating nap in a hammock that just got set up this morning. Thank you!
I am looking forward to visiting the goats. 

Laughter in the kitchen!

I'm back at Isabella Freedman. the trees are filling out. I'm enjoying the discipline of working in the kitchen. Getting into the meditative groove of peeling carrots-whoah these jumbo carrots are from Israel. Peeling onions. slicing tofu into cubes. 
Dealing with the organizers desire not to have milk in the fridge. Its not Halav Yisrael (supervised by a Jew at milking) so she does not want to create any confusion for the participants who don't know.  That was a moment to laugh off.
 I gathered the dishwasher, and the two women working on setting up the dining room and we did some morning laughter-shoulders for earrings.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Addict to Advennture

I want to get sober. I live for adventure. At the cost of my relationships of others. It costs me my self respect and integrity. Last night I made a choice of my own selfish desires over the consideration of another person's kindness. I'm learning about clear communication. Its about loving my fellow as myself and choosing from the adult perspective to do the right thing. Its doing what is right rather than what feels good. If I had to put a value on keeping my word, I lost a lot of money. I want to be a person of integrity. I ask for help from the Creator for me to act in alignment with my highest purpose. What sets one free...discipline. Time to commit to learning Torah daily.

Friday, May 23, 2014

of the heart and soul

Tonight Ari Lesser performed at The Creative Soul; an art gallery on Kingston.  In ddition to being an art gallery for artists of the community, it also is a space for women's yoga, children's drumming, Alef Beit. movement.   As the community mourns the tragic death of a 2 year old child, as the pain is raw and we want to transform that pain we deeply feel into a prayer of beauty.   Ari rhymes prayers and stories, telling of  Nachum Ish Gam Zu, that everything that happened to him was for the good. Ari spoke about being int he present  This moment is all that we have.  Live right now.  There's exceptions to our pain really in the present we can choose to be happy we all have a lot of baggage.   His words-Focus on what happens,  be grateful for all yo got and live the best you can!

I adore Ari, I think he is a truly Emes (Truth) person, Tmimus (pure)

May he be blessed to inspire people sharing words of Torah with a beat!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Matchmaking on Montgomery St.

I like that  that i dance between worlds. Tonight I was walking back from a class on intimate relationships-sounds juicy-right?  A young man sitting on the porch said to me, you are the" Happiness Lady"
I'm wearing a slouchy striped beret on my head. Yes. How did they know, they saw me with my smiley wand?  They rent the basement from the Ebel's and I was especially smiley when I passed by them sitting on the porch on Monday.  I walk up closer to them and we start a conversation. "Are you a shadchan?(matchmaker?)"  uh. sure. I know a lot of people-eligible young women and I have a good sense of intuition.
One of the boys is a chosson-engaged. He's from Brasil and his bride lives in Los Angeles. Bachelor number 1 is the most outgoing. He is happy, friendly and his face has a nice shine. HE is from Bet Shemesh in Israel, the 51st state he jokes, there are so many Americans living there. His parents?  are they baal teshuva? His mother is American and father Israeli. I first ask what he's looking for, and then I realize I want to know who he is..  I ask him to introduce bachelor number 2. While we are speaking most Eligible bachelor from Argentina comes out for a moment, Mendy. They are sitting in chairs eating popcorn and cookies. I am offered some and I take an Ostreichers chocolate chip cookie.  Bachelor #1 is very eager for me to think of someone. Its past my bedtime....and writing about this is even more.  Although I just came from a class with lovely young women; on either side of me were two young women with curly hair cascading down their back. I do not see either of them as a match for these boys. As I speak more to #1, he lived in LA for a year and a half. I see him being there. Laid back, fun.
I tell the buchurs that the most important thing is to give. That is what a woman is looking for on a date. To be a mensch. We get to the tznius issue. The way these young women dress a little I want to say...provocatively. we choose another word.  Makes it difficult to focus on what is on the inside when the outside is distracting, when she's constantly pulling down her skirt. I share that when I dress tznius I feel that I have more space to express my true essence that I am not distracted by the outer.  

It would be an honor to find a lovely young woman who is compatible for one of these men, so perhaps I will get an answer in my sleep.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

True Humility is knowing one's worth

Today is the 33rd day of the Omer,  Hod sb'Hod. 
It about Humility. I wanted to title this  Look Fantastic, Feel Fabulous!    I see my radiant essence shining through.  I'd like to thank my parents for giving me genes of striking features and strong body, as well as all the money they invested in my smile!  I am grateful to the One Above who gives me strength to share joy wth others. 
When people say to me,"you could be a model." I often dismiss the comment. I am a model. Of tznius  (modesty) and  inner joy.  The whole outfit I am 'rockin'- cause we are all stars  are second hand.-the best!   thanks to my friend for lending the scarf. Accessories make the outfit complete. The hat gets lots of compliments.

I am available to model dresses size 6-8, long skirts, unique jewlery and fun hats!

Operation Joy at Grand Central

Friday, May 16, 2014

Happy Minyan Dance Academy

Winter is back

Just when I thought I could put my friend's winter coat in the closet, its a blustery spring day.  maybe it looks colder outside than it is.  Its 100 degrees in LA and chilly here. Can we have an balance?

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Where do you live?

People ask me where I live. I respond, "in the moment."  Someone's got to live there!
I appreciate being back in Crown Heights. I lived here Feb 10-July, as well as the spring of 2009.   I was on President street today and saw a man with white hair, he looked familiar, however couldn't place him.  I asked his name, Shimon. He runs the Shalom Center, the senior center where I led laughter.   He invited me to come visit, which I've been meaning to do. Today I passed one of the more fashionable ladies who goes there on the street.  
Although I'm 'couchsurfing' sleeping on sofabed in a room that is also an art studio-I can get up and paint, I feel very much at home.  Home is where the heart is. 

Looking up

Lag B'Omer

I'll leave to Ari to rhyme what its all about. Saw kids in my building playing with a plastic bow and arrow.

The Creative Soul

Tonight there was an opening at the Creative Soul of an art show. Over a month ago, I arrived back in town and attended a women's drum circle, where I was interviewed for an online article in the Wall Street Journal.
I'm quoted as saying, "I'm envious that this is happening." So...its a reason to stick around. Ari Lesser who rhymes is giving a concert next Thursday night. See you there!

Sun is shining,,.briefly

The sun is out after morning drizzleLife is about to get VERY exciting as people are preparing for the Lag B'Omer Great Parade on Sunday. the marching band just passed by. Eastern Parkway gets closed off and hundreds and thousands of Jewish children. I'm thinking of all the litter that is going to be created. Oy...Its Jewish Pride!
  I'm busy harvesting lettuce from the community garden, laughing in Grand Central Station, and LIFE IS GOOD!!! ;)

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Getting Your Daily Dose of Laughter

I'm in the Simcha Business. Seriously. 
I went to this family shabbat afternoon and we made a laughter smoothie-thats where you put in a fruit of your choice and a positive character trait you want more of in your life and mix it up with LAUGHTER!!!

A garden in Crown Heights

I am so excited that there is a community garden happening in Crown Heights.My sanity level increased!  An abandoned lot lot that is getting transformed into a prayer of beauty. Its run by my heroine, Chaya Friedman. She planted the peas and I can say I helped plant the tomatoes and marigolds. 

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sharing Smiles with Many

Its a drizzly day. I'm wearing a coral colored vest and magenta rain jacket-some color in the gray. I'm holding a sign on neon green paper that asks Are you Getting Your Daily Dose of Laughter?
What I appreciate about Crown Heights is everyone here is a little messhuge (crazy) so I feel like I can do my thing. 
The first person I ask is the man doing repairs in the apartment entryway. "I'm trying" he tells me. Its a yes or a no.  I get a great response from a man who seems to be from the West Indies, a BIG smile. I continue walking up Kingston, walking past distracted people on phones, women with baby carriages. I get to the corner of Kingston and Eastern Parkway and see 3 people, they look like tourists, they are from Israel. I show them the sign, we speak in hebrew, the mother tells me to come back to Israel. I cross the street and encounter 2 female characters. One of them is Leah, a woman with a blonde sheitel, somewhat heavy. We are happy to see each other, we speak in hebrew. I see a woman walking and holding a book, she is praying. I know her. The conversation goes to the usual,"You need a shidduch." I want to laugh. She's walking on Eastern Parkway, invites me to go to her daughter's house. Ht er apartment is upstairs from an acupuncture office. A class on raising your children just ended. There are photographs on the table, and wrappers from gluten free muffins.  I invite everyone to take a moment to laugh before heading out. When I leave there, I go to the Dr.'s office to meet my friend. I am picking up keys to the apartment. When I return them, I hold up the sign to a heavyset woman wearing a scarf.  "I haven't laughed like that in a long time." My mission is complete!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

And now for a little love tap from the Universe

Seatbelts aren't just a good idea, its the law. I don't know exactly what I was thinking getting in the car JUST to drive it around the block to repark itwithOUT a seatbelt, when I saw flashing lights in a civilian car. 
Oh, no, they are out to get me. For not wearing a seatbelt? I pull the car over to in front of the apartment, and the cop comes over to my door. "You know why we pulled you over?"
"Do you have your car registration?" I search for it in the glove compartment.
I hand him my drivers license and pray that he'll have mercy on me.
None to be found, its New York.  According to Rabbi Shalom Arush; author of The Garden of Emuna and other Garden books including Garden of Gratitude,  when we get a parking ticket or other ticket, its a reflection on our spiritual service. I can ask myself, where are my actions not in alignment with my service of the Creator. Its knowing that the Universe is a friendly place, and is helping me grow spirtually. Its $, which comes and goes.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Springtime in Brooklyn

 I'm having an adventure in NY. I've been here for almost a month. Today is sunny almost warm spring day. The pink blossoms are on the trees. 
The sunshine permeates my bones. I sit on a bench with my dear friend. Preschoolers walk by, hand in hand, their energy spent after playing outdoors. 

We sit and eat chocolate on the bench, grateful for the fresh air after my friend has been in the hospital for over 36 hours. 
Hospitals are not a place for healing. 
Sitting in the sun with moderation is. Glorious.