Living inspired

Thursday, October 27, 2016

The gift of receptivity

When we receive life, we are giving a gift.  The giver wants to give, and to be able to receive without judgement, without adding on , accepting in its simplicity.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


I signed up to do a daily blog challenge, so its time to show up and write.
I want to say I'm too tired, however, I'm going to share a few words before sleep

I practice a type of bodywork called Breema. www.   One of the principles in it is No Extra. Extra gets in the way of our true essence. For me its the debris that I carry around-the postcards and fliers from events I may want to attend, the hints of what I want to bring into my future, the 2 dates sitting in a plastic bag. if its not serving you its EXTRA. its the information we want to have about another person, that isn't always necessary for a connection. Where are you from/what do you do? what college did you go to? that can be extra

more on that later.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Staying present

Long time no write. I go in cycles, up downs, and as the the Holidays come to an end, its time for recomitting myself to my passion of writing, my love of life. I just booked a ticket to NY. Whoohoo!  and I feel called to go to Miami.
I have to say if you are Jewish, single,(or not)and earth oriented , Urban Adamah is the place to be. There was a great Succot party there Sunday night. I am reconnecting with people I havent't seen in YEARS! its fun.