Living inspired

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Practicing patience

I am grateful for smooth bus connections to get me to the 534 bus that got me to Malibu. I had $9.75 in cash. A day pass is $7, its 75 cents extra to ride on the freeway.  I was definitely living on the edge. Its worth it to get to the coast. Debit cards don't take you places. Its good to get out of the thick of the city.


There are days, weeks I haven't posted. Do my ideas matter? are they important? can I humbly trust in what I have to share is worthwhile, much needed, and please do share. People want to hear. Salivating to hear, maybe not. As I wrote out my gratitude list, I said I AM GRATEFUL for Abundant time to meditate, be of service and choose what I WANT to do. DO I do what brings me joy? not always. I'm grateful for my momentary friendships. Lets live in the romance of the moment!

Laughter at LACMA

It an overcast day in LA and I've got my laughter sign with me. I've taken 5 buses today, thats enough to drive a person to detox. Bleccch! Today I got back into the laughter groove sharing a session with 3 women in Malibu-HELLO-I'm not in Kansas anymore. Bottom line, we ALL have daily stress, and laughter is a tool to shift it.